The current governance structure invokes a matrix organization with the first dimension of the matrix representing the Health Authorities. This recognizes the provincial mandate of the department by expanding the academic health care sites to represent the Health Authority in which they are located and adding the Health Authorities of the Distributed sites.  The Health Authorities are the first dimension of the matrix.

The second dimension of the matrix structure is the Divisions.  The Divisions cross all health authorities in recognition of our department’s and the divisions’ provincial mandate, as well as to engage sub specialists outside the lower mainland.

The third dimension is Education, which crosses all Divisions and Health Authorities.  The Education dimension includes the undergraduate and all postgraduate programs.

The governance structure helps the department engage faculty members at the distributed sites, and meet its responsibility to represent these physicians in departmental planning.


Department Head

Dr. Geoffrey Cundiff

Site and Health Authority Heads

Dr. Peter Beresford, Regional Head, Fraser Health Authority
VACANT, Regional Head, Vancouver Island Heath Authority
Dr. Julie van Schalkwyk, Site Head, BCWH
Dr. Mark Heywood, Site Head, VGH
VACANT, Site Head, SPH
Dr. Marijo Odulio, Associate Head, Northern Health Authority
VACANT, Associate Head, Interior Health Authority

Division Heads

Dr. Mohamed Bedaiwy, Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility (REI)
Dr. Catherine Allaire, Gynaecologic Specialties
Dr. Thom Wroz, General Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Dr. Dianne Miller, Gynaecologic Oncology
Dr. Ken Lim, Maternal Fetal Medicine (MFM)

Educational Leaders

Dr. Catherine Allaire, Pain Advanced Training Program Director
Dr. Sarah Finlayson, MD Undergraduate Program Director
Dr. Brian Fitzsimmons, Family Planning Advanced Training Program Director
Dr. Roxana Geoffrion, FPM Advanced Training Program Director
Dr. Jon Havelock, REI Fellowship Program Director
Dr. Janice Kwon, Gyne Onc Fellowship Program Director
Dr. Deborah Money, RID Fellowship Program Director
Dr. Regina Renner, Family Planning Advanced Training Program Assistant Director
Dr. Francine Tessier, MFM Fellowship Program DirectorDr. Dan Rurak, Graduate Program Director
Dr. Jag Ubhi, Postgraduate Program Director


Helen Davies, Senior Application Developer
Yvonne Erskine, Research Manager VGH
Ariadna Fernandez, Research Manager BCWH
Nikki Koenig, Research Manger, SPH
Farrell Louie, Budget Officer
Andi Martin, Administrative Director
Brian Nelson, Administrative Assistant
Andrea Sherrington, HR Manager
Leah Solomon, Education Manager

Academic Day Planning Committee

Members: Chaired by Faculty Member with Research Manager and Divisional Representatives
Purpose: Development and approval of Academic Day curricula, planning of speakers, and financial accountability for the meeting.

CTAA (Clinical Teaching Allocation and Accountability)

Members: Committee comprises of Postgraduate Course Directors, Postgraduate staff and clinical faculty representation.
Purpose: Is responsible for clinical teaching and accountability.

Curriculum Credentialing Committee

Members: Chaired by Department Head with the Department Executive.
Purpose: Development and approval of continuing education curricula.

DA Boyes

Members: Chaired by the Department Head with the Department Executive and FoM CPD.
Purpose: Develop and approval of DA Boyes curricula, planning of speakers, and financial accountability for the meeting.

Department Executive

Members: Chaired by the Department Head with Division Heads, Education and Senior Administration
Purpose: To discuss ongoing issues that affect the Department and seek advise from senior department members on ongoing issues.

DARPT (Department Appointments, Re-appointments, Promotion and Tenure)

Members: Chaired by the Department Head, and is comprised of all academic faculty at the rank of Associate Professor or Professor and several clinical faculty representatives.
Purpose: Responsible for reviewing and recommending appointments, reappointment, promotion and tenure for both academic and clinical faculty members.

OBGYN Finance Committee

Members: Chaired by the Department Head, includes Budget Officer, Administrative Director and Faculty Member.
Purpose: Operational responsibility for budgeting, forecasting, and implementing financial decisions.

Fred Bryans Research Forum Planning Committee

Members: Chaired by the Research Manager from BCWH with divisional representatives.
Purpose: Development and approval of Fred Bryans Faculty Research Forum curricula, planning of speakers, and financial accountability for the meeting.

OBGYN Manager's Meeting

Members: Chaired by the Administrative Director and includes OBGYN managers.
Purpose: To share information and discuss operational matters with representatives from each portfolio.

Research Advisory Committee

Members: Chaired by Assoc Head Research with Divisional representation.
Purpose: Advisory committee to the Department Head, to optimise planning and optimal implementation of research policy.

RTC (Residency Training Committee)

Members: Chaired by the Residency Program Director and includes the Department Head, Site Directors and Rotation Heads.
Purpose: Responsible for various topics related to the Residency Program. These topics range from program policies and rotation/resident reviews to academics and finances.  The RTC is responsible for the planning and implementation of the specialty training of residents within the Department.

Research Advisory

Members: Chaired by the Research Manager with members from each Division.
Purpose: To discuss ongoing issues related to research.

Our organisational charts will help you to understand how we are structured.

You can see that we are distributed across the entire province in our faculty and staff governance plans.