Strategic Initiatives

strategic_initiatives_jpgStrategic initiatives are the means through which a vision is translated into practice.  These initiatives are collections of finite-duration projects and programs, outside of the Department’s day-to-day operational activities, that are designed to help the organization achieve its targeted performance.  

2017 Strategic Planning

Our current strategic plan is for the period 2014-2017.  It is now time to think about where we see ourselves as a Department going forward and how we can achieve that.

The Faculty of Medicine recently developed a new plan  with a focus on education, research, organisation and partnership. The Department would like to take the cornerstones of that plan and work an OBGYN focus into it.

The Department received some suggestions from the province-wide meeting on how best to move forward with the planning of our future goals and objectives.

If you could take a moment to use this web form to:

1. Let us know how involved you want to be and

2. Provide suggestions we will use as a discussion framework moving forward.

The plan is to road show the discussion framework around the province and those who indicated that they wanted to be more involved will be contacted to be part of that.

Please take some time to think about where we should go as a Department, what we need to build on and how best we can do that and be part of the planning process in any way that you can through either attending a planning session or providing feedback.

Please also feel free to provide feedback by email at any time in the coming months on items of strategic importance to you or on the planning process to the Administrative Director  who will be facilitating our new plan.