Graduate Studies


The goal of the Graduate Program in Reproductive and Developmental Sciences is to provide students with a broad knowledge of mammalian reproductive and developmental biology, as well as with in depth expertise in at least one area of research, including reproductive and molecular endocrinology, immunology of reproduction, fertilization and early embryonic development, perinatal metabolism and fetal neonatal physiology.  M.Sc. and Ph.D. programs of study are offered.  Both programs involve course work and completion of a thesis based on research carried out by the student.

Research Facilities

The main research activities take place in the BC Women’s Hospital, the main obstetrics hospital in Vancouver and in the adjacent B.C. Research Institute for Children’s and Women’s Health.  In addition, other research is carried out on the main University campus.  All sites possess modern, well equipped laboratories.  In addition, there are opportunities for research involving human reproductive biology with clinical members of the Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology.


Winter Term I

OBST 501 – Endocrinology I
OBST 502 – Fetal Physiology
OBST 506 – Seminars
OBST 507 – Perinatal Epidemiology

Winter Term II

OBST 503 – Perinatal Metabolism
OBST 504 – Endocrinology II
OBST 506 – Seminars


Program Director

Dr. Dan Rurak
UBC Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Reproductive and Developmental Sciences Program
Room C420, 4500 Oak Street
Vancouver, B.C. Canada  V6H 3N1


Natalie Twohey
Senior Program Assistant
Phone: 604.875.3108