Dr. Jessica McAlpine was born and raised in Vancouver. She did her medical training in the US, returning in 2006 to take a position at UBC and the BC Cancer Agency. She currently splits her time equally between clinical/surgical duties and translational research. She is part of the OVCARE research team (British Columbia’s Ovarian Cancer Research group) and Director of the OVCARE Tissue Bank. Her research focuses on specific subtypes of ovarian and endometrial cancers, and prevention.


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For a full list of publications please contact the Dr. McAlpine directly.


Canadian Research Society (CRS). Circulating tumour DNA mutations in endometrial and ovarian cancer patients can be used to guide clinical management. PI: McAlpine JN. Co-applicants: Huntsman DG, Gilks CB, Shah SP (2015-2017). $119,147. AWARDED 09/14

Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute (CCSRI). A Population-based assessment of an ovarian cancer prevention program. PI: Huntsman D, McAlpine J. Co-applicants: Coldman A, Gilks B, Miller D, Mitchell G. (2014-2017) $162,307. AWARDED 08/14

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BC Cancer Foundation (BCCF) Sarabjit Gill Memorial Fund, Understanding intra-tumoral heterogeneity within endometrial cancers. Principal Applicant: McAlpine JN (2013-2015). $80,000 AWARDED 07/13

BC Cancer Foundation (BCCF) Funded Project, SMART Cancer Project: Shared Access Medicine an Approach to Rare Tumors Co-Principal Applicants: McAlpine JN and Tinker A. (2013-2016). $264,100 AWARDED 7/13.

Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute (CCSRI) Impact Grant. Contextual genomics: The foundation for subtype specific approaches to ovarian cancer control. PI: Huntsman D. Co-Applicants: Miller D, Morin R, Shah S, McAlpine J, Carey M, Cullis P, Hoskins P, Yong P, Gilks B, Tinker A. (2013-2018) $1,996,690 AWARDED 2/13

Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR). PrOTYPE: An Enabling Techology to Imporve Ovarian Cancer Care. PI: Huntsman, DG. Co-Applicants: Anglesio M, McAlpine JN. $159,985. AWARDED 1/13

Physiotherapy Foundation of Canada. Pelvic floor muscle exercises for urinary incontinence in gynecological cancer survivors. Campbell KL. McAlpine J, Brotto L, Finlayson S, Wilson P, Lieblich P, Sran M, Dayan M. Physiotherapy Foundation of Canada, $4000 AWARDED 6/12

Terry Fox Research Institute. Seed/pilot funding for the SMART initiative: Shared Access Medicine for Rare Tumors. PI’s: Tinker A, McAlpine JN, Huntsman DG. $25K/1 year. AWARDED 12/11.

British Columbia Ovarian Cancer Research (OvCaRe) and Carraresi Foundation. High grade serous carcinomas with ovarian and endometrial involvement: characterization, determination of site of origin, and a step towards a better classification system. PI: McAlpine JN, Co-Applicant: Gilks CB. ~9K/2 year. AWARDED 1/12.

British Columbia Ovarian Cancer Research (OvCaRe) and Carraresi Foundation Salpingectomy for risk reduction in BRCA1/2 mutation carriers: a cost analysis. PI: Kwon J, Co-Applicant: McAlpine JN. ~12K/2 year. AWARDED 1/12.

CIHR Operating Grant March 2011. Genomic Disruption in High-Grade Serous Ovarian Carcinomas: Steady State or Continuous Drift? PI’s: Shah SP, McAlpine JN. $563,330/4 years. AWARDED 6/11.

Martha Piper Research Fund: Selective Excitation Light Fluorescence (SELF) Imaging In Vivo PI: Calum MacAulay Co-Applicant McAlpine JN $23,450. AWARDED 04/11.

Genzyme Biosurgery (Investigator Initiated Research Grant). Seprafilm™ for the prevention of intraperitoneal adhesions and improved delivery of therapy in women undergoing surgical staging and intraperitoneal chemotherapy for advanced ovarian cancer. PI: McAlpine ~$22,000 ($40,000 minus product). AWARDED 4/09. Closed Dec 2013.

Ovarian Cancer Canada. Pilot project funding. Ovarian Cancer Early Screening Project (OCESP): Lower genital tract secretions for early screening of pelvic epithelial cancers. PI: J.N. McAlpine JN $30,000 AWARDED 6/08 (completed)

Merck (US-Investigator Initiated Research Grant). The Impact of Bisphosphonates on bone loss in patients undergoing surgery and postoperative chemotherapy for gynecologic malignancies.
PI: McAlpine JN 2005 USA and awarded in Canada 5/08, ~$32,000 (closed)

Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR). A Study of the Immunobiology of an HPV VLP Vaccine in a Cohort of HIV Positive Girls and Women. PI: Money D.Collaborator: McAlpine JN. ~$1,389,043 over 5 years. AWARDED 3/08.


CIHR New Investigator Award. Genomic Disruption in High-Grade Serous Ovarian Carcinomas: Steady State or Continuous Drift? McAlpine JN $60,000/year x5 years. AWARDED 6/12.

Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute In it For Life Mentored Clinical Scientist Award, 2008. PARP inhibitors in epithelial ovarian cancer: targeted molecular therapy in BRCA null phenotypes and mechanisms of resistance. PI: J.N. McAlpine $50,000/year (granted 3 years). AWARDED 6/08.