2017 Dr. Fred Bryans Faculty Forum: Sowing the Seeds of Research Excellence in our Rising Stars


Dr. Fred Bryans

The seventh annual Dr. Fred Bryans Faculty Forum took place on January 26, 2017 at the Listel Hotel.

This year the Forum was preceded by a Workshop for Research Facilitation attended by 46 clinicians, researchers and trainees from across our department. The workshop included presentations by senior researchers and staff on key stages of the research process including

  • Mentorship – Deborah Money imparted her insights on the importance of mentorship in building your research career.
  • Setting up a Research Program/Lab – Lori Brotto shared lessons learned and key considerations from her own experience establishing her research program.
  • Funding your Research – Paul Yong provided practical suggestions on where to look for funding, resources to take advantage of as you prepare your application and emphasized the importance of “never giving up!”
  • Human Resources for Research: Students and Staff – Andrea Sherrington gave an overview of things to consider when setting up staff and student appointments for your research projects.
  • Publishing your work – KS Joseph spoke about his approach to publishing process and encouraged participants not be discouraged by the review process – “There is a home for your research and it should be published!”


The Forum attracted 67 participants from our and affiliated departments. We were honored to have Dr. Malcolm Pike, PhD, Attending Epidemiologist from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York, open the Forum. Dr Pike provided an insightful presentation on Challenges in the Hormonal Prevention of Breast, Endometrial and Ovarian Cancer.

Dr Malcolm Pike at the 2017 Dr Fred Bryans Faculty Forum

Throughout the afternoon we also had nine faculty presentations highlighting research that is changing clinical care and practice:

  • Stigma, Hope and Fear: Health Systems Challenges in Caring for Women Struggling with Problematic Substance-use in Northern British Columbia – Sheona Mitchell
  • Identification of potential novel treatment targets in endometriosis-associated deep dyspareunia – Paul Yong
  • Cultivating Modesty: a valuable trait for researchers – Geoffrey Cundiff
  • Safer Deliveries: Using mHealth to deliver point of care decision support and monitoring to revolutionize intrapartum care in Tanzania – Roopan Gill
  • Fetal, infant and maternal outcomes among women with prolapsing membranes admitted before 29 weeks gestation – Julie Robertson
  • Improving Cognitive Surgical Knowledge in Junior OB/GYN Residents Using an Interactive Computer-Based Laparoscopic Hysterectomy Trainer – Neeraj Mehra
  • The effect of maternal age on severe maternal morbidity and perinatal outcomes – Sarka Lisonkova
  • Cancer-Driver Events in Benign Endometriosis – Michael Anglesio
  • Perinatal epidemiology, sheep physiology and modern obstetrics – KS Joseph


Our presenters inspired attendees and generated interesting dialogue.

We sincerely thank our keynote presenter, our faculty presenters, and Mrs. Jane Bryans.  We appreciated the enthusiasm and engagement of all the participants who contributed to another successful forum.

Submitted by Ariadna Fernandez, Research Program Manager, Dept. Obstetrics and Gynaecology