Academic Day – Congratulations to the Winners!

Congratulations to the winners of Academic Day!

Poster Category:

 Student Category:

 First Place: Sarah MohnPeri-Partum Bacteremia: Bacterial epidemiology, antibiotics, and neonatal outcomes”

 Runner Up: Sandy WuAcceptability of using a silicone buffer for reduction of deep dyspareunia in patients with endometriosis: a pilot study”

 Resident/Fellow Category:

First Place: Suraya BhabhaEstablishing the Incidence of Systemic Causes for Early Pregnancy Failure After Euploid Embryo Transfer”

 Runner Up: Rebecca EcklerMaternal and Perinatal Outcomes in ART Conceived Pregnancies in British Columbia”

 Graduate Student Category:

First Place: Lauren YearwoodAdverse Health Outcomes of SGA and LGA infants: Should We Look at Maternal Stature?”

 Runner Up: Madison BittnerEvaluating Biomarkers of Palbociclib Response in Breast Cancer Cell Lines”

Paper Category:

Student Category:

 First Place: Kiran MannReducing urinary tract infections after pelvic surgery: A bundle of care”

 Runner Up: Josh Yang “Pre-clinical evaluation of CDK4/6 inhibitors in low grade serous ovarian carcinomas”

 Resident/Fellow Category:

 First Place: Charles Litwin “Cost-effectiveness of placental growth factor in the evaluation of suspected pre-eclampsia in British Columbia, Canada”

 Runner Up: (Tie)

 Kimberly StewartEvaluating patient experience with extended post-operative venous thromboembolism prophylaxis (eVTEp) after gynecologic oncology surgery: a cross-sectional study

 Rahana HarjeeElective oocyte preservation: An eight year single centre experience”

 Graduate Student Category:

 First Place: Amanda NitschkeAssociation of antibiotic use during labour and delivery with autism spectrum disorder in offspring”

 Runner Up: Grace ThieleInvestigating the role of antenatal depression and anxiety profiles in predicting pregnancy and birth outcomes: Can we more precisely classify exposure to depression and anxiety in the perinatal period?”