Announcing the 2019 WHRI Catalyst Grants: LOI due August 1

The Women’s Health Research Institute, in partnership with the BC Women’s Health Foundation, is pleased to announce the 2019 Catalyst Grant competition for the advancement of knowledge in women’s and newborn’s health. A total of six grants will be awarded at $25,000 each.

Like last year, there is a required letter of intent which is due August 1, 2019.

These Pilot Grants are an open competition with respect to funding a project in women’s and newborn’s health. Awards are open to BC researchers at a university or research hospital setting, but candidates must be a member of the WHRI, and have not been a successful Principal Applicant in the previous three years of Catalyst Competitions. Eligible researchers include post-doctoral fellows, clinical fellows, research associates, clinician scientists and academic researchers.

New emerging teams, dedicated to women’s and/or newborn’s health, and investigators new to studying women’s and newborn’s health are encouraged to apply. As these funds are considered Catalyst Grants, the expectation is that these awards will provide pilot data to be used for future funding from provincial or federal sources. However, these funds cannot be used to subsidize an already-funded project.


Letter of Intent (LOI) deadline: August 1, 2019 11PM PDT

Application deadline: September 30, 2019 11PM PDT

Anticipated Notice of Decision: November 29, 2019

For application details, please visit:

The LOI must be submitted using the following link:
*Please note you will not be able to save the LOI once it has been started so ensure you can complete the LOI in a single sitting.*