Chew Wei Professorship Update

The Chew Wei Professorship has enabled me to prosecute my own research successfully but more importantly has enabled me to successfully mentor and create opportunities for junior investigators Gillian Hanley, Aline Talhouk, Michael Anglesio, Paul Yong and Jessica McAlpine as well as a large number of trainees.

The chair also gave me the latitude to do the groundwork to create a network of excellence for the study of gynaecological cancers in Vancouver. This initiative has now obtained UBC research cluster support and endorsement from UBC as well as the major hospital foundations.

In terms of my own research I published >20 papers have retooled my laboratory to address the major question of how mutations, specific cell types and microenvironments interact in the development of cancer. Our hope is that such insights will lead to novel prevention and treatment strategies.

Dr David Huntsman
Chew Wei Professor