COVID 19 – Educational Activities

UBC has mandated that all educational activities should be be conducted virtually if possible.

However, the Office of the Vice Dean, Education is working closely with the Office of the Dean, FoM Facilities, the Resource Coordination team, and in consultation with UBC Safety and Risk Services (SRS), to prioritize a staged-in resumption of on-site (in-person) education activities. The staged-in resumption is based on the UBC COVID-19 Safety Planning Framework and the criteria for prioritization as noted in the FoM Education Resumption Guidelines.

ALL FoM education programs/units are required to submit an education activity plan detailing the safety protocols and controls in place to manage the risk of transmission. Education activity plans must be approved prior to the education activity being implemented/delivered. The approval of education activity plans is at the level of the Dean of the Faculty (via the Vice Dean, Education and the Senior Director, Education Programs and Services).

The process is as follows:

  1. Complete the attached UBC FoM Education Unit Plan Checklist for each education activity that is being requested to be held on-site (in-person). Please be very detailed in your responses and be sure your responses address the questions in each section of the checklist.
  2. Ask the FoM Safety and Risk Services team (Nick Steel or Paul Gill) to review the checklist and sign (as endorsement).
  3. The completed checklist MUST be signed by the Faculty Leader AND Administrative Leader of that program/unit.
  4. The program/unit’s submission will be reviewed with appropriate stakeholders. Additional information may be requested at this stage to ensure safety protocols and controls are in place to manage the risk of transmission.
  5. Approvals will be communicated and confirmed by way of email from the Office of the Vice Dean, Education to the Faculty Leader and Administrative Leader, with a copy to the appropriate stakeholders (e.g., FoM Facilities, Resource Coordination Team, etc).

Please note – for the resumption of any education activities please contact Leah Solomon,  the OBGYN Education Manager in the first instance.  She will provide you with guidance and the appropriate form that need to be completed prior to the resumption of any educational activities.

Staff who need to be available on site for these activity should liaise with the Education Manager in the first instance.  If they are required to attend in person they should email Andi Martin.  The protocol for ad-hoc entry is in place for this activity.

The below is taken from the Faculty of Medicine Plan:

Appendix B Education Resumption

Appendix C Safety Protocols for Learners