Department Head Search

This page is to keep you updated on the progress of the Department Head search.

Dr. Deborah Money will present her vision for the Department.  Please click here for details.  All are welcome.

The advertisement for the Department Head position has been posted in a variety of publications and job forums over the last few months. It has also been shared across the country with other OBGYN Departments and a variety of mailing lists in most of our sub-specialties.

Once all applicants are submitted the Advisory Committee will meet to shortlist the candidates and set up interviews. The Advisory Committee consists of:

  • Chris Lovato (Chair)
  • Natalie Bjurman
  • Lori Brotto
  • Sarah Finlayson
  • David Huntsman
  • Ken Lim
  • Andi Martin
  • Steven Miller
  • Susan Wannamaker
  • Paul Yong

The group is made up of elected Departmental members and FoM Dean representatives.

After the initial interviews, those short-listed for a site visit will be invited to Vancouver. During that time a number of on-site meetings will be arranged with the following groups. If you receive an email please try and fit it into your busy schedule if you would like to have a say in who our next Department Head will be. There will also be a presentation from the candidates on their research portfolio and also their strategy for the Department moving forward.

On-site Visit Cohorts

  • Heath Authority leadership
  • OBGYN Site Heads
  • Division Heads
  • OBGYN Program Directors
  • All academic faculty
  • All clinical faculty who expressed an interest in taking part
  • OBGYN Staff
  • OBGYN Research Associates/PDF/Learners
  • Former OBGYN faculty
  • Associate Members
  • Foundation representatives

These groups will be asked to provide feedback on each candidate.