Department Members awarded three CIHR Transitional Operating Grants

Paul Yong (with Mohamed Bedaiwy); Sai Ma; and KS Joseph (with Sarka Lisonkova and Amy Metcalfe) were successful in obtaining funding from the last CIHR Operating Grant Competition.


Paul Yong and colleagues propose to identify the causes of deep dyspareunia (pelvic pain with intercourse) in endometriosis. We propose that deep dyspareunia in endometriosis is caused by abnormalities in mPYongTeamCroppedultiple body systems, such as depression, a painful bladder and painful pelvic floor musculature, an increase in nerves around endometriosis, and genetic changes. This research will significantly change how we understand endometriosis and deep dyspareunia. It will provide a holistic model for how endometriosis leads to pain (such as deep dyspareunia), involving the whole person and ranging from psychological, anatomic, cellular, and genetic factors. This will help women with endometriosis to understand the different reasons why sex may be painful, and will help clinicians and researchers to better treat this pain. Funding details are below:

Title: Etiology of dyspareunia in endometriosis
Collaborators: Catherine Allaire; Christina Williams; Michael Anglesio; Hugo Horlings; Shannon Reid; Tony Ng; Anna Lee; Marc Pouliot; Lone Hummelshoj
Co-Investigators: Lori Brotto; David Huntsman; Sarka Lisonkova; Kelly Smith
Principal Investigator: Mohamed Bedaiwy
Nominated Principal Investigator: Paul Yong
Duration: 2015-2018


Sai Ma proposes to identify which mechanisms could be contributing to the production of abnormal sperm in infertile men. We propose to evaluate the fundamental process in sperm production known as meiosis. We anticipate that there may be cytogenetic, genetic, and epigenetic differences associated with the process of meiosis specific to infertile men. The work done here will provide the groundwork for developing future therapeutic solutions towards healthy sperm production. The knowledge gained from this work will provide better risk assessments for men with infertility as well as couples undergoing assisted reproduction. Details of funding are as follows:

Title: The role of genetics and epigenetics in meiotic errors underlying impaired spermatogenesis in male infertility
Nominated Principal Investigator: Sai Ma
Duration: 2015-2020


Sarka Lisonkova and K.S. Joseph along with Amy Metcalfe, a recent postdoctoral student from our Department, who is currently an Assistant Professor at the University of Calgary, propose to use a noKSTeamCroppedvel approach – the extended fetuses-at-risk model – in order to obtain insights that will help improve perinatal health outcomes. The projects to be carried out include studies related to fetal growth restriction, timing of delivery in high risk pregnancy and respiratory distress syndrome. Details of the funding include:

Title: Application of the fetuses-at-risk paradigm for advancing knowledge and improving obstetric and neonatal care
Principal Investigator: Sarka Lisonkova
Principal Investigator: Amy Metcalfe
Nominated Principal Investigator: K.S. Joseph
Duration: 2015-2018