Dr. Ken Lim Receives Gown for Promotion to Clinical Professor

Dr. Ken Lim, the Head of the Division of Maternal Fetal Medicine, was recognized for his promotion to Clinical Professor at the UBC Faculty of Medicine Academic Gown Reception May 4, 2018. Dean Dermot Kellher presented Dr. Lim with the traditional academic gown in front of a distinguished audience of UBC scholars.

Dr. Lim joined the department in 1997, and has been a major contributor to its academic mission in diverse ways since. His research portfolio, focused on fetal physiology and diagnosis as well as obstetrical ultrasound, has been supported by grants from the BCWH Foundation and CIHR. He is also a generous teacher and has provided years of service to the department, BC Women’s Hospital, and National Organizations, like the SOGC, through administrative positions. He is also a model of work life balance, as reflected in his dedication to coaching Little League and his family.

Congratulations Ken!