Drs Gina Ogilvie & Marette Lee receive on of MSFHR’s new Implementation Science Team Program Development Grants.

Drs Ogilvie & Lee have received a Micheal Smith Foundation for Health Research new Implementation Science Team (IST) Program Development Grant for their project “At-Home Cervical Cancer Screening & Strategies To Enhance Engagement With The Care Pathway For Under-Screened Populations“.

The new IST Development program is designed to address a gap in understanding how research findings and other evidence-based practices are taken up to ultimately improve health and health care in BC. It consists of two phases, a Development Grant and a Project Grant, the program supports teams of researchers and research users to plan, conduct and study the implementation of proven health interventions to improve the quality and effectiveness of health, health services and care in BC.

For phase one, MSFHR has awarded Development Grants to support 10 teams with their project development, as they work towards submitting full and comprehensive Project Grant applications. Each $10,000 Development Grant includes support and training to deepen the team’s knowledge of implementation science and enable the development of a detailed Project Grant application, for submission in February 2019. Based on peer review of these applications, up to five teams will receive full Project Grants, valued at $500,000 over three years.

To learn more about the MSFHR IST program, click here