Reproductive and Developmental Sciences Course Offerings

Winter Term I (September – December)

OBST 502 (3 credits) – Physiology of the Mother, Fetus and Newborn
OBST 507 (3 credits) – Perinatal Epidemiology
OBST 511 (3 credits) – Women’s Mental Health across their Lifecycle

Winter Term II (January – April)

OBST 501 (3 credits) – Reproductive Endocrinology I
OBST 503 (3 credits) – Fetal and Perinatal Metabolism
OBST 510 (3 credits) – Gynecologic Pathologies: Benign and Malignant

Winter Terms I & II (September – April)

OBST 506 (3 credits) – Seminars in Reproductive Biology

Course descriptions and prerequisites

MSc Program Requirements

2 year program

Minimum 30 credits

18 credits – OBST 549 – MSc Thesis
Thesis defense oral examination required

Minimum 12 additional credits:

  • OBST 506 (3 credits)
  • At least two other OBST courses (6 credits)*
  • Additional OBST course, or external discipline (3 credits)

*Courses should be selected in discussion with your supervisor. Deviations from the above requirements permitted with permission from the Program.

The minimum course requirements are 30 credits, of which at least 24 must be numbered 500 to 699. A maximum of 6 credits at the undergraduate level in courses numbered 300 to 499 may be counted toward the requirements of a 30-credit master’s degree.

PhD Program Requirements

4 year program

18 credits – OBST 649 – PhD Thesis
Thesis defense oral examination required

3 credits – OBST 506

Additional coursework is selected in consultation with the student’s supervisory committee.

Comprehensive examination (P/F) required for advancement to candidacy

Responsible Conduct of Research

All biomedical graduate students conducting research are required to complete the Responsible Conduct of Research course. You will be contacted with an invitation to register in September, when the next session dates are set. The course consists of two in-person sessions and one set of online modules (to be completed between the in-person sessions).
You can find out more information, and view past syllabi here: 

RDS Journal Club

The RDS Journal Club is held biweekly, and is organized by the RDS student representative(s). The Journal Club is held on Thursday afternoons, 2:30 – 3:30pm, following OBST 506. All students are encouraged to attend regularly, and expected to select a paper for presentation and discussion once per year. You will be contacted by the RDS student representative(s) to organize a presentation date early in the academic year.