Expanded Graduate Program

The Departments of Obstetrics & Gynecology and Pediatrics are collaborating on the development of an umbrella program for graduate student training in Women’s and Children’s Health Research with streams in Reproductive and Developmental Sciences (RDS), Pediatric Health and Disease, and Women’s Health. Although still in the discovery phase we would like to see this program be ready for admissions in 2021, pending approval from the Faculty of Medicine and UBC Senate.

Our overarching educational goal is in keeping with the Faculty of Medicine’s Strategic Initiative Goal for Education, “teaching, development, and mentoring of practitioners and scientists who can work together effectively in an evolving system.”

The program and training will be interdisciplinary, building on the strengths of our Biomedical and Clinician Scientists, whose research encompasses biomedical, clinical, health services, and population health in multiple disciplines that include translational and precision medicine.  We also believe that it is essential to create and integrate other professional disciplines such as social sciences, data science, implementation science, computer science, economics, and business, while rethinking pedagogy and curriculum structure.

The program will encourage better integration across departments and schools at UBC and facilitate experiences that creatively bridge bench to bedside to communities/populations by sharing a core curriculum.  We will encourage professional development across all disciplines by providing access to courses outside of the program.  We will also be implementing a mentorship program for all learners to utilize.

We will embrace the new part-time PhD program and encourage new academic training opportunities for future Clinician-scientists including allied health care professionals and will create meaningful clinically-based learning experiences for our biomedical trainees.  Together, these initiatives will train practitioners and scientists to work together effectively to meet their changing career requirements.

If you would like further information on the development of this exciting new program please email Neville Li, the Discovery Phase Project Coordinator.