Med Video Archive 15/16

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Rounds Archive – September 2015 to June 2016

Wed Sept 16
Transfusion Medicine for OBGYN
Dr. Karen Dallas Play Recording
Thurs Sept 17Pregnancy in a Patient with Rheumatic Disease: What do I need to think about?
Dr. Shahin Jamal, Dr. Neda Amiri Play Recording
Wed Sept 23The Role of the Obstetrician Gynaecologist in Transgender Health and Wellness
Dr. Nicole Todd Play Recording
Thurs Sept 24Imaging in Pregnancy: A Clinician's, an Engineer's and a Parent's Perspective on RISK
Dr. Jayson Potts Play Recording
Thurs Oct 1
Clinical Analysis of Emergency Peripartum Hysterectomy
Dr. Shazia Rasul Play Recording
Thurs Oct 8

Improving Maternal & Child Health in Tanzania: Partnering for Sustainable Change
Dr. Sierra WashingtonPlay Recording
Wed Oct14
Cardia Disease Prevention in Patients with GDM-Preeclampsia
Dr. Tara Sedlak Play Recording
Thurs Oct 15
Amniotic Fluid Revisited: the new PSBC standards on amniotic fluid assessment
Dr. Ken Lim Play Recording
Thurs Oct 22The Perambulating Parturient (with a labour epidural)
Dr. Roanne Preston Play Recording
Thurs Oct 29Hepatitis C - from discovery to CURE
Dr. Neora Pick Play Recording
Thurs Nov 12Obesity in Pregnancy
Dr. Kenneth K ChenPlay Recording
Thurs Nov 19
Perinatal Depression and Anxiety: A Review
Dr. Tricia BoweringPlay Recording
Thurs Nov 26What the Clinician Needs to Know About HIV in LDR
Dr. Neora Pick, Dr. Deborah Money Play Recording
Wed Dec 9Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Pregnancy
Dr. Flora Teng Play Recording
Wed Dec 16Gardasil 9
Dr. Gavin StuartPlay Recording
Thurs Dec 17 Fetal Red Blood Cell Genotyping: Are we ready for routine, non-invasive prenatal testing?
Dr. Kim MacDonaldPlay Recording
Thurs Jan 7
Transnational Reproductive Travel
Dr. Alice ViraniPlay Recording
Wed Jan 13
Recurrent Urinary Tract Infections
Dr. Maryse LarouchePlay Recording
Wed Jan 20
"How does Sexual Psychophysiology inform our understanding of Women's Sexual Orientation and Preferences"
Dr. Meredith ChiversPlay Recording
Thurs Jan 21
Management of Late PPROM
Dr. Kirsten GrabowskaPlay Recording
Thurs Jan 28
Pregnancy: A harbinger for future health?
Dr. Allison ThielePlay Recording
Thurs Feb 4
Evaluation of Adherence to SOGC Guidelines for Fetal Assessment in Labour
Dr Patricia Janssen, Sarah KaufmanPlay Recording
Thurs Feb 11
Cervical Insufficiency and Cervical Cerclage: Everything you always wanted to know that the guidelines did not tell you
Dr Marie-France Delisle, Dr Claudine Storness-BlissPlay Recording
Wed Feb 17
HPV associated & HPV independent vulvar squamous cell carcinoma: What do we know now and how can we do better?
Dr. Jessica McAlpinePlay Recording
Thurs Feb 18Mothers and Babies Together: Making a Difference
Dr Jan Christilaw, Marina Green, and a panel of interprofessional representativesPlay Recording
Thurs Mar 3
Out of Hospital Birth - CMAJ or NEJM: what should we believe?
Professor Eileen K. HuttonPlay Recording
Wed Mar 16
The Role of the SOGC on Quality of Care
Dr Jennifer BlakePlay Recording
Thurs Mar 17
The Role of SOGC on Quality of Care
Dr Jennifer BlakePlay Recording
Thurs Mar 24
Obstetrical Triage Assessment Score (OTAS): A New Approach to OB Triage
Dr Robert Gratton, Nancy Watts, Melanie BassoPlay Recording
Thurs Mar 31
Hormone Therapy in Perimenopausal and Postmenopausal Women
Dr Tim RowePlay Recording
Thurs Apr 7
Ignorance is Not Bliss: The safety of medications and other exposures in pregnant and breastfeeding women
Dr Christina ChambersPlay Recording
Wed Apr 13
Measurement of Amniotic Fluid Volumes
Dr. Ken LimPlay Recording
Thurs Apr 14
Hyponatremia in Pregnancy: Much ado about Na-thing?
Dr. Cesar BallesterosPlay Recording
Wed Apr 20
The Invisible Suffering Associated with “Benign” Vulvar Diseases?
Dr. Leslie A. Sadownik, Dr. Kelly SmithPlay Recording
Thurs Apr 21
A Review of Post Partum Group A Streptococcal Infection
Drs Deborah Money, Julie Van Schalkwyk, Chelsea Elwood, Christa LepikPlay Recording
Thurs Apr 28
Hepatitis B Treatment in Pregnancy to Prevent Transmission
Dr Julie Van SchalkwykPlay Recording
Thurs May 5
Saving Mother's Lives: An Internist's Perspective
Dr Jayson PottsPlay Recording
Wed May 11
The Debate on Home Birth: Science, Economics and the Politics of Human Rights
Dr. Patricia JanssenPlay Recording
Thurs May 12
Zika Virus Update
Dr Julie Van Schalkwyk , Dr Deborah MoneyPlay Recording
Wed May 18Who should I refer to the shrink? Predictors of psychological treatment response in sex therapy and women’s health
Dr. Lori BrottoPlay Recording
Thurs May 26
Neonatal and Maternal Outcomes Following Midpelvic Operative Vaginal Delivery Versus Cesarean Delivery
Giulia Muraca, Dr. Ellen GiesbrechtPlay Recording
Wed Jun 8
Mononchorinic Twins and IUGR
Dr. Tracy PresseyPlay Recording
Thurs Jun 23
PCOS Update and the Role of Aromatase Inhibitor
Dr Mohamed BedaiwyPlay Recording
Wed Jun 29Sometimes less is more: Guidelines for Cervical Cancer Screening in British Columbia
Dr. Dirk Van Niekerk
Thurs Jun 30
Applying an Indigenous Lens to the Canadian Blood Services' Cord Blood Bank
Becky Luk, Jenny MorganPlay Recording

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