Med Video Archive 16/17

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Rounds Archive – September 2016 to June 2017

Wed Sept 14
VCH/PHC Opiod Guidelines
Dr. Keith Ahamad (Addiction Medicine)Play Recording
Wed Sept 21
5th Ovarian Cancer Consensus Conference in Tokyo: The Outcomes
Dr. Gavin StuartPlay Recording
Thurs Sept 22STRIDER Canada: A RCT using Sildenafil citrate in pregnancies complicated by Early-onset Intrauterine Growth Restriction
Dr Sayrin Lalji, Dr Ken LimPlay Recording
Thurs Sept 29Pregnancy in women with chronic genital pain: Implications for management and delivery
Dr Kelly SmithPlay Recording
Thurs Oct 6Complex Contraceptive Care
Dr. Courtney SchreiberPlay Recording
Wed, Oct 12Is Mesh a Means to Prevent Recurrent Prolapse?
Dr. Geoffrey CundiffPlay Recording
Wed, Oct 18Genetic screening of women and couples prior to assisted reproduction: is this good medicine?
Dr. Beth TaylorPlay Recording
Thurs, Oct 20Advanced Maternal Age: Pregnancy after 40
Dr Jayson Potts, Dr Petra SelkePlay Recording
Thurs, Oct 27Management at the Threshold of Viability: 2016 Update
Dr Susan Albersheim, Dr Anne Synnes, Dr Nick WilliamsPlay Recording
Tues, Nov 1Epidemiology of FertilityPlay Recording
Tues, Nov 8Testosterone Use and Abuse – Reproductive ImplicationsPlay Recording
Thurs, Nov 10Supporting Incarcerated Mothers with Familial Relationships
Dr Sinead O'MalleyPlay Recording
Tues, Nov 15Unexplained Infertility Evidence Based TreatmentPlay Recording
Wed, Nov 16Family Planning in the 21st Century - an REI's Perspective
Dr. Jon HavelockPlay Recording
Thurs, Nov 17SAS: What it offers and a vision for the future
Dr Tracy PickettPlay Recording
Tues, Nov 29Levnorgesterel-Releasing Intrauterine System (LNG-IUS) as a Fertility-Preserving Treatment for Endometrial Hyperplasia and Carcinoma
Dr. Ji-Hyun JangPlay Recording
Thurs, Dec 1No it's not over yet! What's new in HIV for women, mothers and babies in BC and Canada
Drs Neora Pick, Deborah Money, Laura Sauve, Melanie MurrayPlay Recording
Tues, Dec 6Adoption after InfertilityPlay Recording
Thurs, Dec 8Can We Use Mitochondria to Make Better Babies?
Dr Beth TaylorPlay Recording
Wed, Dec 14An Update on Varicose Veins Treatments
Dr Shaun MacDonaldPlay Recording
Thurs, Dec 15GBS Prophylaxis: Why are we talking about an old problem?
Dr Chelsea Elwood, Dr Julie Van SchalkwykPlay Recording
Wed, Dec 21Does Women's Interest in Sex Increase at the Midcycle of Ovulatory Cycles?
Dr Jerilyn Prior, Allison MacbethPlay Recording
Thurs, Dec 22Building Modern Families in a Modern Society
Dr Sonya Kashyap
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Thurs, Jan 5Newborn Eye Prophylaxis: Is it still needed in 2017?
Melanie Basso, Janet WalkerPlay Recording
Tues, Jan 10Preimplantation Genetic Testing
Dr. Bethan Everett and Ms. Katherine ArnoldPlay Recording
Wed, Jan 11What is new in prenatal screening NIPT? presented by Dr. Ken SeethramPlay Recording
Thurs, Jan 12MAGnesium sulphate for fetal neuroprotection to prevent Cerebral Palsy (MAG-CP): Results from a national KT project
Dr Anne Synnes, Dane De SilvaPlay Recording
Tues, Jan 17Advanced maternal age: pre-pregnancy counselling & considerations
Sid DasPlay Recording
Wed, Jan 18Approach to Deep Dyspareunia
Dr. Paul YongPlay Recording
Thurs, Jan 19Vaginal Seeding and Placentophagy in Pregnancy: Understanding the Controversy
Dr Chelsea ElwoodPlay Recording
Tues, Jan 24Can we use mitochondria to make better embryos?
Dr. Beth TaylorPlay Recording
Thurs, Jan 26A BioBank to Support Discovery Research in Perinatal/Neonatal Medicine
Dr Pascal Lavoie, Tamsin Tarling, Suzanne VercauterenPlay Recording
Thurs, Feb 2Medical Staff Education for Accreditation Canada Survey on February 27th and 28th
Debbie Johannesen (Quality, Safety & Accreditation)Play Recording
Thurs, Feb 9Trauma Symptoms After Childbirth: How Can We Help?
Dr Barbara Shulman, Terri KipnisPlay Recording
Wed, Feb 15Non-tubal Pregnancy combined with Radiology
Dr. Nicole ToddPlay Recording
Thurs, Feb 16The Use of Mifepristone in Second Trimester Abortion
Dr Alison EdelmanPlay Recording
Tues, Feb 21Physiology of Menopause
Dr. Tim RowePlay Recording
Thurs, Feb 23Do Ask, Do Tell: An interactive model of physician wellness self-assessment
Dan Cojocaru, Dr Theresa NewlovePlay Recording
Tues, Feb 28The Vaginal Biome and IVF Outcomes
Jason HitkariPlay Recording
Thurs, Mar 2What I've learned as Editor-in-Chief of JOGC
Dr Tim RowePlay Recording
Tues, Mar 7Normal Sexual Development
Dr. Jon HavelockPlay Recording
Thurs, Mar 9Revisiting Antenatal Corticosteroids: Tailoring the Timing of a Powerful Drug
Dr Sarah McDonaldPlay Recording
Wed, Mar 15Uses of Mifepristone in Gynecology/ SMART Program - Providing Contraception in BC
Dr. Brian Fitzsimmons & Dr. Wendy NormanPlay Recording
Thurs, Mar 16Fetal Surgery for Myelomeningocele: Tribulations and Trials
Dr Scott AdzickPlay Recording
Tues, Mar 21Postmenopausal Hormone Therapy
Dr Tim RowePlay Recording
Thurs, Mar 23M&M: Evidence-based Investigation of Stillbirth
Dr Petra SelkePlay Recording
Tues, Mar 28Immunology of the Decidua in Recurrent Pregnancy Loss
Dr Aleah Hazan, UBC OBGYN PGY 3Play Recording
Thurs, Mar 30Complex Chronic Diseases: Do we understand them?
Dr Luis NaculPlay Recording
Tues, Apr 4Chronic Pelvic Pain
Dr Paul YongPlay Recording
Thurs, Apr 6Sterilization and Abortion: Promoting and respecting patient's rights, autonomy and best interest in the context of diminished / questionable capacity
Dr Alice ViraniPlay Recording
Wed, Apr 12The Risks of Birth at 34-35 Weeks vs Birth at 37-38 Weeks
Dr. Horacio OsiovichPlay Recording
Thurs, Apr 131st trimester use of mifepristone
Dr Brian Fitzsimmons, Dr Regina RennerPlay Recording
Tues, Apr 18Recurrent Pregnancy Loss and Cases of Chronic Histiocytic Intervillositis (CHI): a rare placenta pathology with implications for future pregnancies Dr. Jennifer Hilton, REI FellowPlay Recording
Wed, Apr 19Infertility whats new in the Work-up and the Role of AMH
Dr. Caitlin DunnePlay Recording
Thurs, Apr 20Sexual Health: An Australian Perspective
Dr Meredith Temple-SmithPlay Recording
Thurs, Apr 27Inclusive Perinatal Care for Transgender and Non Binary People at BCWH
Cora BeitelPlay Recording
Thurs, May 4Direct to consumer (DTC) Preconception and Prenatal Genetic Testing
Dr Anna Lehman, Mr David Koehn, Dr Sylvie LangloisPlay Recording
Tues, May 9Fertility Preservation Before Gonadotoxic Therapy in Cancer Patients
Dr Rachel KimPlay Recording
Wed, May 10Hysteroscopic surgery for treating female subfertility
Dr. Mohamed BedaiwyPlay Recording
Thurs, May 11Lupus in Pregnancy
Dr Neda AmiriPlay Recording
Thurs, May 18The "Wretched" Truth about the Management of Nausea and Vomiting of Pregnancy
Dr. Tessa Chaworth MustersPlay Recording
Thurs, May 25Semmelweis Revisited: Investigating a Cluster of Postpartum Group A Streptococcal Infections
Dr Jocelyn SrigleyPlay Recording
Tues, May 30Family Law Act (BC)
Ms. Zara SulemanPlay Recording
Thurs, June 8A Brief History of Everything: Musings of a Paleo-Obstetrician
Dr Dena BloomenthalPlay Recording
Thurs, June 15Milk: Born into this World screening and panel discussionPlay Recording
Tues, June 20Techniques in tubal potency assessment: Past, present and future
Dr Justin Mui, UBC OBGYN Resident R3Play Recording
Wed, June 21Premature Ovarian Insufficiency
Dr. Gary NakhudaPlay Recording
Tues, June 27Sperm Functional Assessment for structured management of male infertility
Ms. Sharon MortimerPlay Recording
Thurs, June 29Diagnosis and Treatment of Cancer in Pregnancy
Dr Liv KnutzenPlay Recording
Tues, July 25Comprehensive Chomosome Screening (CCS): The new solution to recurrent pregnancy loss (RPL)
Dr. Christina WilliamsPlay Recording
Tues, Aug 15Endometriosis: Impact of Fertility and role of surgery
Sarah Mah, PGY3Play Recording

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