Improving Access to Care at the BC Centre for Vulvar Health

We are thrilled to announce that the BC Centre for Vulvar Health has received funding for two exciting projects!

Dr Melanie Altas, Director of the BCCVH, in partnership with Dr Kaitlyn Goldsmith, a psychologist at the West Coast Centre for Sex Therapy and lecturer with the Department of Psychology, has received a Partners in Care grant through Doctors of BC, as well as a Mitacs Innovation grant. Mitacs is a Canadian organization supporting research in social innovation.

Through the $215,000 Partners in Care grant, we will work with family physicians and patient partners to develop an online Primary Care Toolkit to improve access to care in the community for individuals with vulvodynia. With the help of the $150,000 Mitacs Innovation funds we will develop a virtual reality tool to better teach the sexual pain examination to medical students and residents.