Kelly Smith


Kelly Smith

Research Director, Centre for Vulvar Health & Multidisciplinary Vulvodynia Program

Clinical Assistant Professor

Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Division of Gynaecologic Specialties

Portrait photo of Kelly Smith

Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH)

Vancouver General Hospital



Dr. Smith has a PhD in Clinical Psychology from Queen’s University and completed fellowship training at Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School and the University of British Columbia.  She has been funded by the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research, Canadian Pain Society, and National Vulvodynia Association, and has authored several publications in the area of women’s health and vulvar pain.


Sexual health interviewing for medical students.

Research Interests/Skills

Dr. Smith’s research is focused on women’s vulvar and sexual health. Her research has largely been on vulvodynia (chronic vulvar pain), including the pregnancy and post-partum experiences of women with this condition. Dr. Smith is the Research Director for the Multidisciplinary Vulvodynia Program and the Research Director for the proposed Centre for Vulvar Health.



Smith, K.B., Sadownik, L.A., Basson, R., Isaacson, J., Brotto, L.A. (2016). Clinicians’ perspectives and experiences regarding obstetrical care of women with vulvodynia. Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Canada, in press.

McBride, H.L., Olson, S., Kwee, J.L. Klein, C, & Smith, K.B. (2016). Women’s postpartum sexual health program: A collaborative and integrated approach to restoring sexual health in the postpartum period. Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy, epub ahead of print.

Smith, K.B., Iezzoni, L., Kilbridge, K., Pajolek, H., Colson, K., & Park, E.R. (2015). Body image perceptions among women with pre-existing physical disability who developed breast cancer: A qualitative exploration. Psycho-Oncology, 24, 1826-29.

Brotto, L.A., Yong, P., Smith, K.B., & Sadownik, L.A. (2015). Impact of a multidisciplinary vulvodynia program on sexual functioning and dyspareunia. Journal of Sexual Medicine, 12, 238-47.

Sporn, N., Smith, K.B., Pirl, W.F., Lennes, I.T., Hyland, K., & Park, E.R. (2015). Sexual health communication between cancer survivors and providers: How frequently does it occur and which providers are preferred? Psycho-Oncology, 24(9), 1167-73.

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Etiology of dyspareunia in endometriosis. Canadian Institutes of Health Research Operating Grant, 2015-2018, PIs: Yong, P. & Mohamed, M.A. Co-Is: Brotto, L.A., Huntsman, D.G., Lisonkova, S., & Smith, K.B.

North America’s first Multidisciplinary Vulvodynia Program: Establishing a program of research to improve genital pain in BC women. Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute 2015 Innovation and Translational Research Award, 2015-2017 PI: Brotto, L.A. Co-Is: Smith, K.B., Sadownik, L.A. 

Innovations in gynaecologic specialties: Translating science into improved health for Canadian women. Canadian Institutes of Health Research Dissemination Grant, 2013-2014 PI: Brotto, L.A. Co-Is: Allaire, C., Cundiff, G., Geoffrion, R., Lazare, D., Money, D., Smith, K.B., Wilkie, D., Williams, C., &Yong, P.

Integrated mindfulness-based cognitive behaviour therapy versus cognitive behaviour therapy for provoked vestibulodynia. Canadian Institutes of Health Research Operating Grant, 2012-2015, PI: Brotto, L.A. Co-Is: Basson, R., Bergeron, S., Grabovac, A., Sadownik, L., & Smith, K.B.

Fertility, pregnancy, childbirth, and pain outcomes among women with vulvodynia. National Vulvodynia Association Medical Research Fund, 2012-2014 PI: Brotto, L.A. Co-Inv: Smith, K.B., Sadownik, L., & Basson, R.

Sexual and relationship functioning among lesbian and bisexual women. Lesbian Health Fund, Gay and Lesbian Medical Association, 2008-2009 PI: Smith, K.B. Co-Inv: Pukall, C.F.

Sexual and relationship functioning among lesbian and bisexual women. Advisory Research Committee, Queen’s University, 2007-2008 PI: Pukall, C.F. Co-Inv: Smith, K.B.

Relationship issues in men with chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome. National Institutes of Health, Operating Grant, 2005-2007 PI: Nickel, J.C. Co-Inv: Tripp, D.A., Pukall, C.F., & Smith, K.B.





Select Awards

Clinical Research Post-Doctoral Award, Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research, 2011-2014

Post-Doctoral Fellowship Award, Canadian Pain Society, 2012-2013

Conference Fellowship Award, American Psychosocial Oncology Society, 2011

New Investigator Award, International Society for the Study of Women’s Sexual Health, 2010

Doctoral Award, Ontario Women’s Health Scholars Program, 2008-2009

Student Poster Award Honourable Mention, Society for Sex Therapy and Research, 2008

Best Clinical Research Poster, Canadian Pain Society, 2008

Student Research Award, Society for Sex Therapy and Research, 2006

Canada Graduate Scholarship, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, 2005-2008