The 8th Annual Dr. Fred Bryans Faculty Forum – sharing knowledge and expertise across our department

The 8th Annual Dr. Fred Bryans Faculty Forum, “Optimizing Impact in Obstetrics and Gynaecology: Improving Health Through Better Knowledge Translation and Implementation” took place on January 25, 2018. It was attended by 70 people. This was one of the largest turn-outs to date and we are certainly pleased to see our numbers climb.

All of our faculty presentations spoke to the theme of the day – and it was inspiring to hear what our colleagues are working on.

Julie van Schalkwyk presented on her work in HBV prevention and created her 140 character summary statement right at the event – Stop the cycle!  Cure HBV by prevention with antiviral treatment in pregnancy.

Roxana Geoffrion shared her perspective on knowledge translation as a busy clinician and twitter newbie.  She also demonstrated a “Powtoon”.

Jason Burrows talked about his experience creating opportunities to share evidence-based knowledge and care within the Fraser Valley.

Through Lori Brotto’s interview with Leslie Sadownik, we learned about the evolution and evaluation of the Multidisciplinary Vulvodynia Program.

Janice Kwon spoke about the importance of knowledge translation across disciplines to ensure the best overall health for women.

Peter Leung shared the value of international partnerships and long-term relationships as effective KT strategies in science research.

Gillian Hanley and Dianne Miller led the keynote session on the rapid up-take of opportunistic salpingectomy. It was very interesting to learn about the pivotal role played by some of our departmental events, such as the Annual DA Boyes Society Meeting, and also the contribution of key-leaders in our faculty, in this exciting KT project.

It was certainly a perfect opportunity for sharing knowledge and expertise across our department.

We also hosted a workshop on the Basics of Knowledge Translation in Health Research, led by Dr Genevieve Creighton of the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research. In addition to providing useful frameworks to guide our KT activities, she also provided information on useful MSFHR funding opportunities to support these.

Wendy Norman and KS Joseph made Faculty Forum history by participating in the first debate – “Researchers have an obligation to carry out knowledge translation”. It was certainly a crowd-pleaser, thanks to the passion and drama of both debaters.

We endeavoured to engage with social media throughout the day on our departmental twitter account @UBCobgyn and wish to extend our sincere thank you to all those in the audience who shared their comments throughout the day with #fbff.

Jane Bryans also joined us for the day. We have been pleased to see her at each Forum to-date and are grateful to her and Dr. Bryans for making this event possible. It has become one of the central research and networking events that our faculty look forward to.

A prize draw ($50 Amazon Gift Card) was held for those attendees who completed the forum and workshop evaluations. The winners of the workshop evaluation were Jessica Liauw and Fariba Mohtashami and the winners for the Forum evaluation were Tang Lee and David Huntsman.

We appreciated the enthusiasm and engagement of all the participants who contributed to another successful forum.