Welcome to Seng Keng, Residency Program Administrator

We are extremely happy to introduce Seng Keng to the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

Seng has joined the OBGYN Education Team as our Residency Program Administrator and we are looking forward to having him in our Residency Program.

Seng began work at UBC in 2019. Before joining our team, he worked as the Program Administrator for the Colorectal Surgery Residency Program (CRS) and CBD & Accreditation Assistant in General Surgery (GS). Improving the CBME process and creatively use of resources (best practice), and eliminating redundancy are the key areas where he contributed to CRS and GS. He will continue to use his strengths to support OBGYN.

Seng holds a PhD in Information Systems and is licensed in Montessori Early Childhood education and is the father of 7-year-old twin boys who keep him busy (wait! actually is extremely busy).