OBGYN Mentorship Documents

UBC-OBGYN-Faculty-Mentoring-Kick-off-Slides: This PowerPoint reviews the information discussed during the Mentorship Kick-off session. This is from the pilot project kick off in January 2019 – but does provide some useful information!

Mentorship-Workbook-UBC-OBGYN 2020 FINAL: OBGYN Mentee/Mentor Handbook 2020:  This package reviews the formal mentorship process and guidelines that both mentors and mentees should read.

UBC OBGYN Mentorship – Mentoring Agreement Form: This form is to assist the mentee and mentor in discussing relationship expectations during the mentorship match, along with the format and content of the sessions that will be held. Please send a copy of the completed agreement to andi.martin@ubc.ca.

OBGYN Mentorship – First Meeting Essentials Form : This form is to be discussed, completed and signed at the beginning of the mentorship match. It outlines the mentor-mentee confidentiality and the individual development plan agreement. Please do not start your mentorship match without signing these forms and returning them to andi.martin@ubc.ca.

OBGYN Mentorship – Individual Development Plan Form: Use this document in order to help guide your goal setting conversation in your mentorship match. A SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, timeline) goal structure is suggested. This is a straightforward outline that can come in handy for  both the mentee and mentor during their sessions. It is also a resource that we suggest you revisit throughout your time together not only to ensure that your mentorship match is on track with the goals it set out to fulfill, but to also help establish future goals. These forms are for your own use.

OBGYN Mentorship – Personal Learning Plan: This tool is to help guide your individual goals as either a mentor or mentee throughout your sessions. We recommend that you do this at the beginning of the match and revisit it throughout your time together as a reminder.

OBGYN Mentorship – Notes for Each Meeting : We suggest you use these forms throughout each session to help structure your time together and stay on track.