Online Resources

No time to attend workshops? We’ve got you covered.

There are many helpful and easily accessible online resources available:

1. The Physician Health Program (PHP) is a 24 hour support line for physicians

in British Columbia.PHP provides support, referrals, and counselling regarding

challenges such as: relationship stress, mental health, career & life transitions,

substance use, concern for colleagues, occupational health,and financial issues.

 Give PHP a call: 1.800.663.6729

2. 10 minutes of mindfulness a day = improved health, productivity,

problem solving-skills, and team work.                                                                      

The UBC 30-day Mindfulness Challenge is free online mindfulness training offered

to the UBC community where participants are taught mindfulness strategies based

on evidence-based curricula. The program is designed to fit into busy schedules and

only takes 10 minutes per day to complete!

3. is an online resource that is the equivalent of YouTube for organizations!   

This online learning tool offers a wide variety of self-guided instructional videos, which

are designed to provide staff and faculty with resources to assist with a number of areas,

including updating software skills, learning new technology tools, and improving

workplace business practices. As long as you have a CWL login/password, you will

have access to Lynda! Check out UBC

4. The Happy MD is a website wholeheartedly dedicated to treating and        

preventing physician burnout. Dr. Dyke Drummond provides support for

physicians via coaching, training, and consulting. The website contains

many relevant articles, video blogs and other resources that can assist

physicians when faced with burnout. Check out The Happy MD 

5. The Institute for Physician Wellness is a website providing

resources, blogs, and evidence-based research for physicians looking to

establish a work-life balance, joy in their work, and a

healthier lifestyle.

Check out The Institute for Physician Wellness

6. Sincerely X is a podcast series by TED and Audible. The stories are                

shared by anonymous authors, as some are too sensitive to be shared publicly.

The ‘Dr. Burnout’ podcast is a story sincerely told by a physician who has

faced adversity in their medical practice.

Check out Sincerely X: Episode 1- Dr. Burnout

7. In a TEDx talk, Dr. Brian Goldman discusses redefining the practice of 

medicine, and draws upon physician-specific stories of mistakes that have

occurred while on the job. Check out Redefining the Practice of Medicine

8. The Doctors’ Are In is a clinical systems and transformation (CST) podcast  

that discusses survival tips for MDs.

To subscribe to the podcast via iTunes, click here.

9. Sprout is a corporate wellness platform that brings employees together     

by identifying, cultivating, and rewarding healthy behaviours.