Leadership Skills

Interested in learning more about leadership in relation to your role? Check out the resources below:

  • The National Centre for Faculty Development & Diversity (NCFDD) is an independent professional development, training, and mentoring community for faculty members, postdocs, and graduate students. Their goal is to support academics in making successful transitions throughout their careers. NCFDD offers courses around leadership development, where topics such as work-life balance, teaching, and building healthy relationships are part of a wide variety of courses that they offer. To sign up via your UBC CWL login/password, click here.




  • Coaching @ UBC. UBC offers up to 6 complimentary coaching sessions to staff. This is a great opportunity to confidentially discuss future personal, professional, or organizational goals with a certified coach.

  • Lynda.com offers an online collection of self-guided instructional videos designed to provide staff with resources that discuss a variety of areas. Lynda.com offers many courses that address leadership skills, including conflict management, effective communication, and stress management in the workplace. To access lynda.com via your UBC CWL login/password, click here.






  • Minerva BC is a local non-profit organization that uses values-based leadership to support women and girls by providing leadership development opportunities. Minerva BC offers a variety of leadership-specific courses for women, and aims to achieve equal rights for women within organizations.