Strategic Planning

 Why Strategic Planning Now? 

  • New department leadership an opportunity to revisit goals and directions for the department for the next 5 years
  • Need to optimize department practices, structures, and resource allocation to support trainees, faculty, and staff across the province
  • Leadership in women’s health education and research. How to build and grow?
  • Common voice for change in women’s health in BC and beyond (improving care, educating the next generation, making a difference through research)
  • Roadmap to sustain focus and guide decisions, especially during times of crisis and uncertainty


  • Renew the department strategic plan, which expired formally in 2021
  • Assess the implications of the evolving context (education, healthcare, society)
  • Consider various strategic and organizational questions
  • Strengthen connections across the department throughout the province (and with key partners)
  • Determine an effective approach for ‘program management’ of implementation
  • Sustain alignment with the Faculty of Medicine and UBC plans

Departmental Consultation

We want to consult with the Department on what is important.  We have several mechanisms in place to inform the Department that we are working on a new plan. This includes sharing information and progress at Department business meetings and province wide meetings. 

We also want to collect feedback from Department members and plan to do that with in-person site meetings around the province and hybrid focus groups related to the four main pillars of our plan (education, research, organization, partnerships).

We also have an online feedback form on our website. 

Time Frame for Planning

Previous Strategic Plan

A copy of our previous plan from 2018-2021 can be found here.

We used the framework of the Faculty of Medicine strategic plan in the form of the four pillars of education, research, organization, partnerships and plan on modelling our new plan on those pillars again.  A copy of the FoM plan can be found here.

Strategic Plan Feedback

If you’d like to provide feedback please click here

Alternatively, please email any feedback or your interest in signing up for a focus group to the Administrative Director.