IT Resources

Remote Login

Webmail – login page for VCH, PHC, and PHSA is now
Login using email and your registered Microsoft Authenticator app (only accessible from devices on HA networks)

Citrix Remote AccessRemote Access Logon Point (Requires Microsoft Authenticator)
Remote setup information (only accessible from devices on HA networks)
Request Citrix Remote Access (Microsoft Office Desktop) for network access to your drives & MS Office suite
Request Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) offers a direct link to a specific workstation on the network (requires approval based on meeting very specific criteria)

UBC Vancouver FASmail Webmail

Mailing lists

UBC IT provides free mailing list service.  All active Staff and Faculty can sponsor the creation of new mailing lists with the use of a FASmail account.

Website Profile Information

Please contact our Profile updaters to revise your profile: Jane EwasiukREI.admin or submit a Profile Update Request

OBGYN Databases

Physician Use

Education Database

Records all physician Teaching activities, Rounds, Committees, Meetings – used in teaching payments, physician review, rounds attendance (CME)

Available Instructions
Getting Started Education Database – logging in and navigation
Payment Rules – details of teaching activity & payment types
The Education Database has its own HELP page after logging in.

Superusers include: Yong Chen, Donna Bradley, Kathryn Tullis, Leah Solomon, Natalie Twohey, Chriselle Serna, Stella Yan.
CV Database

Records CV data – used in Individual UBC Standard CV, Publications and dept wide for 5 year review etc.

Available Instructions
Completing_the_CV_brief – the definitive guide
CurriculumVitae_UBC – the UBC CV template
Getting Started CV Database – logging in and navigation
The CV Database has its own HELP page after logging in.

Physician view only

Resident Research Database

Tracks resident progress and achievements on their chosen research projects throughout their residency.

Available Instructions
Resident Research Project Guidelines – Project Criteria
RRAMentorshipTOR – Resident Mentorship by the Resident Research Advisory Committee – Terms of Reference
Resident Database Guidelines – the tracking process & responsibilities
Resident Research Database User Documentation – Instructions

Operators include: Annalyn Cumaual, Leah Solomon, Ariadna Fernandez, Nikki Koenig

PhAIS – Physician Activity Information System

MFM physicians (only) use Outlook Calendar categories to classify their activities. This data is downloaded monthly into the PhAIS database and statistics evaluated.

Superusers include: Rosemarie Garcia, Yong Chen.