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Remote Login

The NEW Webmail login page for VCH, PHC, and PHSA is now
Enter DOMAIN\username eg. PHSABC\jpublic or VCH\jpublic or INFOSYS\jpublic

PHSA Citrix (requires security token) –  *NEW* SafeNet MobilePASS (requires two-step authentication)
VCH/PHC remote Login

UBC Vancouver FASmail Webmail –

Website Profile Information

Please contact our Profile updaters to revise your profile: Deb Pinchin, Chriselle Serna, REI Admin, Marie Rivard

SharePoint Information

The UBC Faculty of Medicine has enabled access to a variety of SharePoint sites in order to better exchange information, each Dept. can configure a site to suit it’s needs. Microsoft SharePoint is collection of products and software that allows project teams to collaborate through a secure online platform. Project teams can create a host of different sites, workspace, libraries, and lists that can be used to collectively work and collaborate on projects together.(Obgyn contact: Obgyn Webmaster or MedIT contact : 1.877.266.0666)

SharePoint as shared storage

Obgyn FoM Sharepoint Login here :

Available Instructions
Resetting your FoM password – FoM SharePoint password management
Connecting_SharePoint_HealthBC-ObgynContacts– linking to the directory via Outlook

SharePoint HealthBC Teamsite Information

Obgyn HealthBC teamsite login here :
Connecting_SharePoint_HealthBC-ObgynContacts– linking to the directory via Outlook
Requires hospital login & request to Obgyn Webmaster


PhAIS – Physician Activity Information System

MFM physicians (only) use Outlook Calendar categories to classify their activities. This data is downloaded monthly into the PhAIS database and statistics evaluated.

Superusers include: Valerie Alley, Helen Davies.

Available Instructions

PhAIS_OutlookCalendarDataDownload – how to run the monthly download
Outlook2007_PhaisCategories – how to access

CV Database Information


The CV database is a web application that records all physician activities for the UBC Standard CV. The CV Database has its own HELP page.

Available Instructions

Completing_the_CV_brief – the definitive guide
CurriculumVitae_UBC – the UBC CV template
Getting Started CV Database – logging in and navigation

Contact Information