Advisory Groups

MicroscopeThe following research advisory groups were formed promote and facilitate research and research productivity across the Department.

The Department Research Advisory Group works with our faculty and other existing resources at UBC and affiliated Research Institutes to:

  • Promote and facilitate research by Department members
  • Identify opportunities for grant funding and operational support
  • Maintain an inventory of research in the Department
  • Provide guidance on research training requirements for clinical trial operations, such as SOPs, GCPs
  • Assist researchers in finding appropriate resources to optimize CVs, such as UBC SPARC support and BCCHR
  • Raise awareness of research activity across all divisions to foster interdisciplinary collaborations


  • Mohamed Bedaiwy, Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility Division
  • Alexander G Beristain, Reproductive and Developmental Sciences Graduate Program, Co-Director
  • Lori Brotto, Gynaecologic Specialties Division/ Director Women's Health Research Institute (ad hoc) 
  • Jason Burrows, Maternal Fetal Medicine Division, Fraser Health
  • Christopher Condin, Leader Clinical Research, Fraser Health
  • Jessie Dhillon, Research Manager
  • Roxana Geoffrion, Resident Research Advisory Chair
  • Jennifer Hutcheon, Maternal Fetal Medicine Division
  • Janice Kwon, Chair, Gynaecologic Oncology Division
  • Fariba Mohtashami, General Division
  • Paul Yong, Reproductive and Developmental Sciences Graduate Program, Co-Director

The Resident Research Advisory Group Department works with existing Department resources to promote and facilitate resident research across the Department by:

  • Providing mentorship to residents regarding their research projects/interests.
  • Serving in an advisory capacity to the Department relating to resident research matters.
  • Promoting productive research by residents.
  • Facilitating early involvement in research by residents.
  • Facilitating access to research supervisors and other research resources.
  • Facilitating manuscript writing and publication.
  • Maintaining an inventory of all resident research and their progress.
  • Providing feedback to residents about progress on their research projects.


  • Roxana Geoffrion (Chair), Urogyne/General (St Paul’s) | Areas of interest/expertise:
    1. Clinical outcomes of surgical interventions
    2. Surgical education/simulation/curriculum development
  • Lori Brotto, Gynaecologic Specialties (VGH) | Areas of interest/expertise:
    1. Sexual health
    2. Psychological factors in women's health/gynaecology
    3. Study design/methodological issues
  • Mark Carey, GyneOnc (VGH) |  Areas of interest/expertise:
    1. Clinical Trials in gynaecologic cancers
    2. Proteomic biomarkers in cancer
    3. Steroid hormone action in cancer
  • Sarka Lisonkova, Maternal Fetal Medicine (BC Women's) | Areas of interest/expertise:
    1. Maternal and perinatal health
    2. Perinatal epidemiology
    3. Health services research
  • Janet Lyons, General Obstetrics & Gynaecology (BC Women's) | Areas of interest/expertise:
    1. Clinical Intervention in Pregnancy
    2. Improved neonatal outcomes
  • Paul Yong, Gynaecologic Specialties (BC Women's) | Areas of interest/expertise:
    1. Clinical predictors and outcomes of dyspareunia and other pelvic pain in endometriosis
    2. Local neurogenesis in endometriosis
    3. Genomics of deep infiltrating endometriosis

Research Manager | Areas of interest/expertise: REB and research processes at hospital sites

Resident Representatives:

  • Justin Tan, PGY5
  • Arohumam C. Kan, PGY2