Staff Performance Reviews

Performance development conversations help managers and employees communicate with one another, providing an opportunity for discussion, exchanging ideas, assisting with individual growth and development aligned with the organizational goals, and ensuring that both the employee and the manager have a common understanding regarding performance expectations for the role.

Performance development is about helping an employee to grow in their career, and taking a look ahead, tapping into the employee’s strengths and adding new skills. The underlying purpose of the development is to enrich the existing job, expand an employee’s capabilities within the organization, help foster the working relationship between supervisors and employees, provides an opportunity to clearly identify performance expectations, as well as improve job satisfaction.

In conversations about performance, both the supervisor and the employee can identify areas for growth and goals to move toward. Associated action plans should have set goals, defined outcomes and time lines. The performance development process is ongoing and largely driven by the employee, with the supervisor as coach and partner.

All staff members should be reviewed yearly.

For M&P and Non-Union Techs/Research Assistants staff in their first year in a new role, the supervisor should conduct at least two formal reviews before their probationary period is over, ideally one at approximately the three month mark and one at the 6-8 month mark.

For CUPE 2950 employees, the probationary period varies from 3 to 6 months depending on the job level.  HR can provide you with that information if you do not have it.  You should meet with your CUPE 2950 employee in the first two months to ensure they are on track and aware of the tasks and responsibilities.

We have simplified the form required for performance reviews. You can download a copy here.  Part 1 is to be completed by the staff member. Once completed this should be sent to the supervisor conducting the review. Part 2 should be completed by the supervisor.  A date should be set to sit down and discuss the review.  Part 3 should be completed during the review with the agreement of both parties and then signed off by both parties. A copy should be sent to the Departmental HR Manager for the staff file.

In order to make this as easy as possible to remember to complete yearly reviews, Departmental HR will contact you about a month before the anniversary date of your employees start.  If you use that date to conduct reviews it will be easier for us to ensure you don’t miss a review date, as well as probationary and mid-point progression increases.

If you have any questions about performance management please contact the OBGYN  HR Manager.