Staff Service Awards

The Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology employs a talented and dedicated staff throughout our locations, all of whom contribute to the successful activities of the department and deserve recognition. There are not many awards or opportunities to recognize staff achievements and outstanding contributions. The Department Staff Service Award is an appropriate way for the Department to acknowledge truly outstanding service that goes well beyond the call of duty. Up to four awards will be awarded annually, one for each of the staff employees groups employed by UBC represented within OBGYN: Management and Professional Staff, Non-Union Research Technicians and CUPE 2950 Clerical and Administrative Staff and one additional category: Non-UBC administrative staff. We recognise that we work closely, not just with those employed by the University, but we are also supported by many talented administrative people who are employed by the Health Authorities.

The awards will be presented on an annual basis to staff members employed or closely associated with the Department whose contributions in areas such as service, administration and leadership have had a significant and positive impact in achieving the strategic priorities of the Department, as defined in the Strategic Plan. The criteria are:

  • Outstanding and sustained contributions to their unit within the Department
  • Have improved the value, efficiency and sustainability of the service they provide
  • Have positively influenced the perception of the Department in the UBC or local community

Call for the 2021 nominations are now open.  For more information click here.

We would like to congratulate the award recipients to date:

Jennet Balteyeva
Donna Bradley
Kathryn Tullis
Janice Wortman

Brian Nelson
Marie Rivard
Marianne Vidler

Kerrie Glover
Natalie Twohey
Michelle Woo
Ellen Zhu

Ariadna Fernandez
Gayle Jagpal
Maggie Woo Kinshella
Leah Solomon

Deb Pinchin
Scott Lewis
Mary Radmanovic

Anna Hutfield
Nikki Koenig
Roshni Nair