OBGYN Safety Plan

Since research curtailment in March 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, UBC and the Health Authorities are implementing a gradual, phased resumption of on-site research and limited educational activities from the beginning of June/July.  In keeping with public health guidelines and institutional policies, on-site research and scholarly activity will be limited to those that cannot be conducted remotely, while the majority of our faculty and staff are to continue working remotely as much as possible.  The phased resumption will slowly and responsibly restore clinical services and research across all facilities that UBC access, and is dependent on (a) alignment of research requirements with Health Authority COVID-19 recovery plans, (b) type and extent of clinical services required, (c) ability of the clinical area to support the research and educational activities, and (d) approved safety plan.

This site is to provide guidance to you on the various safety plans in play that will impact you.

The goal of this safety plan is to allow all staff, faculty and learners to be able to return to their workspaces and resume important activities that can only be done on-site, while maintaining safe practices for physical distancing and infection control.  It is essential to follow processes that will allow us to resume and/or continue our research and educational activities while minimizing the risk of COVID-19 spread or infection; the health and well-being of faculty, health professionals, staff, learners, patients, research participants, and the public is of paramount importance.

It is the responsibility of all research trainees, staff, and investigators to adhere to the terms of this safety plan. As well, the orders, notices, and guidance of the Provincial Health Officer, Health Authorities, and WorkSafeBC will be followed. Where procedures specified in this safety plan are not in alignment with institutional policies, the latter will take precedence.  This site will be updated from time to time as the pandemic situation/ response evolves and new information becomes available, or as public health guidance is updated.  Please click on the following links for further information.

Responsibility and Training

Faculty of Medicine and Health Authority Guiding Principles

Public Health & Infection Control Key Principles

Traffic Flow and Occupancy Restrictions

Monitoring and Compliance

Education Activities

Research Activities

Ad Hoc On Site Access

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