CANCOVID-Preg: A National Surveillance Program of COVID-19 in Pregnancy


Currently, as effects of COVID-19 in pregnancy on both the mother and the fetus are largely unknown, there is very limited data to inform recommendations and care of pregnant women with COVID-19.  Recognizing this gap in our collective knowledge of the disease, OBGYN professor and FoM Executive Vice Dean Dr. Deborah Money began dialogue and discussions with clinical, research, and public health leaders across the country.

Dr. Deborah Money

Dr. Deborah Money


The result is Canadian COVID-19 In Pregnancy Surveillance (CANCOVID-Preg), a pan-Canadian surveillance project that aims to better our understanding of COVID-19 in pregnancy.  Through CANCOVID-Preg, maternity care providers across the nation are coming together to further our collective understanding of the epidemiology of COVID-19 in pregnancy, and to collect critical data which will help to inform recommendations for management and care of pregnant women and their infants during this pandemic.

CANCOVID-Preg - UBC Reproductive Infectious Diseases Program

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