Centre for Health Education Scholarship (CHES) Call for Applications 2023-2024

The Centre for Health Education Scholarship (CHES) announced that applications are now open for their Master of Health Professions Education (MHPE-Canada) and CHES’ Clinical Educator Fellowship Program (CEFP). This includes their inaugural call for applicants to the Indigenous Stream of their Fellowship.

An in-person Open House will be held on Wednesday, November 8th from 5.30-7:30pm and a Virtual Open House on 16th November from 5.30-7:30pm for those interested in learning more and providing an opportunity to ask questions. Attendees will meet Dr. Rose Hatala, Director of MHPE-Canada and CEFP; Chief CEFP Fellows Lucas Streith and Brian Kim, and MHPE-Canada students.

For more details, please head to the CHES Clinical Educator Fellowship Program website.