Congratulations to World’s Challenge Challenge Gold Medal Winners!

A huge congratulations to Piper Scott-Fiddler and Samantha Martin-Ferris, who recently
won first prize at the World’s Challenge Challenge Global Final!

Piper and Samantha are Master’s students in the Women+ and Children’s Health Sciences graduate program.

The World’s Challenge Challenge asks student participants to think big and come up with an idea to make our world a better place. Samantha and Piper placed first at the UBC competition, and moved forward to the Global Final, held at Western University in early June. Samantha and Piper won first prize, and were awarded $30,000, to help further develop their proposed solution and support implementation.

The proposed solution, the Lifegiver Box, is a complementary, interdisciplinary, and culturally inclusive program that supports Indigenous people’s rights to health by choosing their own needs for their sexual health journey. It was developed in response to the UN’s Indigenous peoples rights to good health as well as in light of the 2022 Senate of Canada report The Scars We Carry, which acknowledged that the systemic erasure of Indigenous bodies is still happening to this day due to forced and coerced sterilization.

You can read more about the development of the Lifegiver box and Samantha and Piper’s future plans, here: