Congratulations CIHR Grant Recipients!


Congratulations to our OBGYN investigators who were awarded funding through the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Project Grant Fall 2020 competition.

Project Grants

Project: “Role of Female Sex Hormones on Aging in Women Living with HIV.” Principal Investigator: Dr Melanie Murray; UBC OBGYN Co-investigator: Dr. Chelsea Elwood $382,500 / 5 years.

Project: “It takes two to tango: Parental obesity and sex-specific impacts on placental development.”  Co-Principal Investigator: Dr. Alexander Beristain with  Dr. Deborah M Sloboda (McMaster University). $856,800 / 5 years.

Project: “Prostate cancer risk stratification for active surveillance using computer-aided analysis of histopathology and transcriptomics” Principal Investigator: Ali Bashashati (Affiliate UBC OBGYN member). $906,525 / 5 years.

Project “Tailored adjuvant therapy in POLE-mutated and p53-wildtype early stage endometrial cancer (TAPER)” Co-Principal Investigator: Jessica McAlpine UBC OBGYN Co-Investigators: David Huntsman and Aline Talhouk. $1,082,474 / 6 years.


Operating Grants: COVID-19 Research Gaps and Priorities

Project: “All-cause and cause-specific acute morbidity attributable to Covid-19 epidemic, severe Covid-19 symptoms, and adverse birth outcomes in Canada.” Principal Investigator: Dr. Sarka Lisonkova; UBC OBGYN Co-investigators: Dr. Amélie Boutin, Dr. Wee-Shian Chan, Dr. K.S. Joseph and Dr. Giulia Muraca. $168,300 / 2 years.


CIHR Project Grants – Priority Announcement Bridge Grants

Project: “Every maternal death counts: understanding driving safety in pregnant and post-partum women.” Principal Investigator: Dr. Jennifer Hutcheon. $75,000 / 1 year.

Project: “Teaching by Texting to Promote Healthy Behaviours in Pregnancy.” Principal Investigator: Dr. Patricia Janssen (Affiliate UBC OBGYN member); UBC OBGYN Co-investigators: Dr. Arianne Albert, Dr. Sarah Munro. $100,000 / 1 year.

Project: “The CART PREG-Epi Study: Pandemic Reproductive health and health Equity-Guidance from Epidemiology to improve reproductive, perinatal, and maternal mental health and substance use care.” Principal Investigator: Dr. Wendy Norman (Affiliate UBC OBGYN Member) UBC OBGYN Co-investigator: Dr. Jennifer Hutcheon. $100,000 / 1 year.


We would also like to congratulate all other department researchers who collaborated or were co-investigators on projects awarded funding.

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