Congratulations to Drs. Bouchard, Altas, and Dehaeck on receiving a WHRI Catalyst Grant!

The Women’s Health Research Institute, in partnership with the BC Women’s Health Foundation, awarded six Catalyst Grants for the advancement of knowledge in women’s and newborn’s health.

Department members Dr. Katrina Bouchard (PI), Dr. Melanie Altas, and Dr. Ulrike Dehaeck received a Catalyst Grant to study the sexual health implications of vulvar lichen sclerosus, a chronic inflammatory skin condition that affects the external genitals. Their team will adopt a couple-based approach to examine the sexual health of patients and their partners over time. The results of this dyadic longitudinal study will inform educational materials and psychological supports for sexual distress offered at the BC Centre for Vulvar Health.

Congratulations to Dr. Bouchard and Co-Investigators Dr. Altas, Dr. Dehaeck, Dr. Dawson (UBC Psychology), and Ms. Rossi on this award!

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