COVID 19 – Faculty of Medicine Guiding Principles

The following principles will be used to guide decision making and processes by the Faculty of Medicine and Health Authority Research Institutes related to staged-in resumption of on-site activities:

  • The health and well-being of faculty, health professionals, trainees, staff, patients and the public is paramount.
  • The orders, notices and guidance of the Provincial Health Officer, Health Authorities and WorkSafeBC will be followed.
  • Approval for on-site activities (including research, education and administration) will only be granted to those who require on-site resources and cannot conduct this work remotely.
  • All activities that can continue remote work must do so.
  • There will be a staged and coordinated approach across each building and site (includes university, health authority and clinical research spaces).
  • Staged resumption of activity may need to be reversed and stricter curtailment conditions imposed in response to public health guidance or changes to the situation at any particular site.
  • Equity and personal circumstances will be considered in evaluating how to plan and conduct resumption of on-site activities.

Prioritization guidelines of on-site activities

  • COVID-19 research
  • Current research activity exemptions as approved previously (no new research or additional related activities)
  • Clinical trials concurrent with clinical care
  • Graduate students who need to be on-site to complete lab work for graduation as determined by the student’s Supervisory Committee for completion of thesis
  • Positions required to run core research facilities that are essential for approved on-site research
  • Upcoming time sensitive activities that cannot be done remotely and require on-site research access
  • Equity considerations for those that cannot work from home for various circumstances
  • Non-time sensitive activities that cannot be done remotely for limited access