COVID 19 – Research Activities

As noted on the previous page all research and education activities should be conducted remotely if possible.

The Faculty of Medicine in conjunction with the the research institutes have recently moved forward with a resumption of research activities.

A phased in approach is being taken.  The research institutes are in the process of approving stage 1 resumption of research.

PIs will receive communication from the appropriate research institutes with the documents that will need to be completed prior to approval.  You should liaise with your Site Research Manager and the Site Head.

Please note as of November 2020 there are new COVID-19 requirements from WorkSafeBC.

For staff – those who have been approved to enter the workplace either full time or as part of approved research resumption you are now required to let your supervisor know at the start of each shift when you are on-site only that you have completed a self assessment and are free of COVID symptoms.

For faculty who are in a research setting – those who have been approved as part of approved research resumption could you please email me directly at the start of each shift when you are on-site only that you have completed a self assessment and are free of COVID symptoms.

For faculty in a clinical setting – until the FoM has confirmed otherwise, please continue to adhere to the Health Authority policies around COVID testing and reporting.

For staff who are working remotely no action is required.  However, if you need ad-hoc access to your site please continue to email me regarding the day, time and reason you require access. As an additional step I will require that you email me the day of entry to confirm you have completed a self assessment and are free of COVID symptoms before entering the premises.  ​

Appendix A Research Resumption
PPE Procurement

COVID 19 Safety Plan Guidelines PHCRI
COVID 19 Safety Plan Checklist – Clinical_PHC_Fillable PDF
PHCRI Unit Level Research Access Summary for Human Subject Research
ObGyn Howe Street Research Resumption Safety Plan Final Draft – awaiting approval

VPRI-Access Agreement
FoM Unit Level Research Access Summary May 27
Medicine – Faculty-PI Re-entry Request Form May 25, 2020
FoM Stage 1 Resumption of Research Plan

Oak St. Campus Return to Onsite Research Safety Plan 06.03.2020
BCCHR Facilities Safety Slideshow_Jun16