COVID-19 Residency Program Response

Preamble Scheduling and Redeployment

  • Purview of Program Director and Committees
  • Residents are health authority employees that provide essential services


3 Main Points:

  1. Resident Safety
  2. Patient Care
  3. Resident Education


PGME Policies 

  • Out of province electives cancelled until further notice
  • No travel outside Canada
  • All vacations must be within Canada
  • Residents may end up caring for patients with suspected or confirmed COVID-19. If they have been using appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and are feeling well, they can continue their work. If inadvertent exposure to persons/patients with suspected COVID-19 patients with no Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), contact 8-1-1, health care provider or public health office. If inadvertent exposure to diagnosed COVID-19 patients or persons with no Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) MUST self-isolate for 2 weeks. Please note residents are more likely to be exposed in the community than in hospital.


Cancelled/Amended Events

Academic Seminars

  • Continue virtually by videoconference and teleconference


  • Cancelled

Academic Day

  • Cancelled

Anatomy Lab

  • Cancelled

Journal Club

  • March, April and June cancelled

PCRM Symposium

  • Cancelled

Resident’s Day

  • Cancelled


Effective March 13, 2020, vacations that are scheduled for the next 60 days can be cancelled. Any cancelled time during this period can be used next academic year.

Resident Rotations


  • Clinics and OR are NOT cancelled
  • There may be an increase in c-sections as smaller hospital may be decanting to BCW


  • One person on call to cover Emergency, RAGC (# of patients reduced) and in-patients
  • One person to cover Operating Room (if any)
  • Chief can triage and engage in telemedicine, thus reducing the number of patients at RAGC


  • 3 core residents
  • 2 cross covering residents
  • Off service residents may be pulled from service
  • OB assisting each other for elective c-sections
  • For rare gyn cases, the staff will contact the residents


  • No Ultrasound; remainder of rotation continues as is, dependent on needs at other hospital sites

RCH, SMH and Family Planning

  • Continue as is, dependent on needs at other hospital sites

Gyn Onc

  • Two, possibly three residents can be assigned (for now)
  • VGH resident can help out in OR if needed

Community, REI, Urogyn, MIS/CPP, Office, Pathology and Electives

  • Rotations are cancelled; will be rescheduled in the future

2020/21 Rotation Schedule

  • Will be changing; more updates as events unfold


  1. If a patient is suspected to have COVID-19, the staff physician should first see the patient to limit exposure and transmission of the virus at all sites.
  2. Refer to BCCDC and SOGC guidelines for instruction on immunocompromised and pregnant residents looking after suspected or diagnosed COVID-19 patients.
  3. Residents will rotate as scheduled. If on a rotation that has been cancelled (REI, Urogyn, etc), the resident will be allocated to a hospital site by the Chief residents.
  4. Visit UBC PGME COVID-19 website for up to date resident information and policies.