DA Boyes Memorial Research Award

We received 8 applications for the DA Boyes Memorial Research award for Trainees.

The Awards Committee reviewed the applications and as per the terms of reference for the award “Applications addressing questions encountered by trainees and others in front-line practice, and projects that will be primarily executed by trainees” were prioritized.

The Committee felt that the trainee applications were all interesting and several were excellent.

Although the call for applications stated that only one award would be offered this year, the Committee identified 2 excellent applications that are both worthy of an award so the $5000 award will be split between two projects.

The 2 successful applications (in no particular order) are:

Principal Applicant: Jessica Liauw
Navigating the grey zone: Creating a decision aid for antenatal corticosteroids.

Principal Applicants: Kate Wahl and Natasha Orr
The acceptability of a phallus length reducer, Ohnut, for deep dyspareunia: A pilot.

The  Department would like to thank the committee for giving up their valuable time: Ariadna Fernandez, Dr. Wendy Norman, Dr. Tim Rowe and Dr KS Joseph.