Dr. Brotto Named Researcher of the Year by APOG

The Association of Professionals in Obstetrics and Gynecology awarded Professor Lori Brotto as the Researcher of the Year at the annual meeting December 1.

This is a tremendous honor recognizing her unique contributions in research and knowledge translation. With an educational background in clinical psychology and basic science Dr. Brotto has pursued a impressive array of interdisciplinary research programs on the cutting edge of women’s sexual health. Her successful funding support, including operating grants from the Canadian Foundation for Innovation, Canadian Institute of Health Research and Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, have allowed her to be successful in these programs.

She is a prolific writer with 137 peer-reviewed publications, 2 books and more than 100 hundred invited talks. She is a regular contributor to newspapers, magazines and radio shows, underscoring her talent for knowledge transfer.

This is the basis for her numerous honors including election as a Fellow of the Canadian Psychological Association and a Tier II Canada Research Chair and Women’s Sexual Health.