Fall 2019 CIHR Project Grants Competition Results Announced!


Congratulations to all the recipients of the Fall 2019 CIHR Project Grants Competition!

Dr. Gillian Hanley

Dr. Tim Oberlander

Dr. Gillian Hanley and Dr. Timothy Oberlander:  “A population-level linked data study of the long-term developmental impacts of prenatal antidepressant exposure“.


Dr. Wendy Norman

Dr. Regina Renner

Dr. Sarah Munro

Dr. Sarah Munro

Dr. Wendy Norman, Dr. Bonnie Henry, & Dr. Kimberlyn McGrail:  “The CART Mife-Outcomes study:  Relating Canada’s unique mifepristone regulations to health system events, costs and access to abortion, using linked health administrative data“.  WHRI Co-investigators:  Dr. Regina Renner, Dr. Laura Schummers, Dr. Sarah Munro, Dr. Janusz Kaczorowski, & Cheryl Davies.


Dr. Wendy Robinson


Dr. Wendy Robinson:  “Genetics and epigenetics of sex differences in placental and fetal development“.  BCCHR Co-investigator:  Dr. Carolyn Brown.


Dr. Aline Talhouk

Dr. Jessica McAlpine

Dr. Aline Talhouk and Dr. Jessica McAlpine:  “Pre-operative risk stratification in endometrial cancer to inform surgical management“.  WHRI Co-investigator:  Dr. Gillian Hanley.