OBGYN Academic Day 2023 Award Winners


  • Best OB poster:  Romina Levy (PGY3).  “Isolated Fetal Intra-Abdominal Umbilical Vein Varix: a population-based review of obstetrical and neonatal outcomes”
  • Best GYN poster:  Kathryn McRae (PGY6, Gynecologic Oncology). “Real World Management of Endometriosis: A Retrospective Review of Patients with Pathologically Proven Endometriosis in British Columbia from 2000-2008” 


  • Best OB oral: Min Jung Kim (Medical student) “Choice of Ultrasound vs Pathology Growth Chart to Detect Fetal Growth Restriction Among Perinatal Deaths”
  • Best GYN oral: Kim Stewart (PGY7, Gynecologic Oncology).  “Avoiding the needle: Direct-acting oral anticoagulants (DOAC) for extended venous thromboembolism prophylaxis (eVTEp) after major gynecologic cancer surgery”
  • Best science oral: Matthew Shannon“Single-cell transcriptomics define a unique progenitor state in trophoblast stem cell organoids”