Obstetrics & Gynaecology Department Members Leading 3 of 4 BCCHR Healthy Starts Catalyst Grants

The winners of the BC Children’s Hospital Research Institute’s Healthy Starts Catalyst 2017-2018 Grant Competition were announced on March 22, 2018. Three of the four are being led, or co-led, by members of the Department.


Congratulations to:

Dr. Astrid Christoffersen-Deb (Principal Investigator); Dr. Mark Ansermino (Co-Principal Investigator); Dr. Beth Payne (Co-Investigator); Dr. Joseph Ngonzi, Dr. Matthew Wiens (Collaborators)

Project Title: Targeted follow-up after facility delivery with accurate predictions of neonatal and maternal morbidity or mortality

$30,000, 2-year term


Dr. Crystal Karakochuk (Principal Investigator); Dr. Jennifer Hutcheon (Co-Principal Investigator); Dr. Rajavel Elango (Co-Investigator); Dr. Chantal Mayer (Collaborator)

Project Title: Is natural folate as effective as synthetic folic acid in increasing plasma and red blood cell folate concentrations during pregnancy? A proof-of-concept pilot study

$40,000, 1-year term


Dr. Pascal Lavoie (Principal Investigator); Dr. Alexander Beristain (Co-Principal Investigator); Dr. Sara Mostafavi (Co-Investigator); Dr. Michael Underhill, Dr. Francis Lynn (Collaborators)

Project Title: Single-cell analysis of immune cells during fetal ontogeny

$40,000, 1-year term