Resident Research Project Fair

On Wednesday, December 11th we hosted our first ever “Resident Research Project Fair.” Research teams from across the department came to share research opportunities with our first year OBGYN residents.

It was a great opportunity for research teams and residents to connect in person. Residents were able to learn about the breadth of research in the department, become familiar with resident research requirements and timelines and ask questions.

We were fortunate to have the new Resident Research Advisory Chair, Roxana Geoffrion, join us – as well as Sarah Munro (Assistant Professor), Emma Branch (WHRI/BCPDR), Evelyn Maan (Oaktree/Reproductive Infectious Diseases), Nancy Lipsky (Reproductive Infectious Diseases), Kira McNamee (Sexual Medicine), Michelle Woo (OVCARE), Nikki Koenig (St Paul’s), Mannie Fan (VGH) and Ariadna Fernandez (BCW).

A big thank you to all the year one residents – Romina, Rebecca, Manisha, Nicole W, Katherine, Ruth, Natalie and Nicole T – for their enthusiasm!