Surgical Skills Testimonials and Evaluations

100% of participants in all three workshops were very satisfied or satisfied with the course.

100% of participants in all three workshops were very satisfied or satisfied with the faculty.

100% of participants in all three workshops recommended the course to a colleague.

  • Excellent guest speakers and opportunities to ask questions
  • The surgical videos were the highlights.
  • I wish I had taken this course 10-20 years ago!!
  • Amazing and skilled faculty
  • Great to have experts from other institutions
  • Solidified my practical anatomic knowledge.
  • I had surgery the next week and was able to start intracorporeal knot tying. I also became much more confident with dissection using monopolar device.
  • This course will enhance the options available to my patients.
  • Lots of helpful surgical tips
  • This was a high level workshop
  • Sufficient time for practice, strong lectures
  • Anatomy lab with small groups
  • Great course overall, a productive use of my time, and so nice to have this available locally!
  • Great workshop, learned a lot!
  • For me this was most amazingly helpful, to go from dry lab to pig lab, back and forth. It completely helped me solidify my knot tying skills.

Re Faculty

  • Very helpful and present. Dr. Mohtashami was patient and her feedback was specific and nuanced for each leaner.
  • Very knowledgeable; very encouraging; all were very skilled in their specialties and exuded confidence
  • Excellent faculty; fantastic faculty to learner ratio.
  • I am so glad I attended this course! Best CME of my career so far… thank you, Fariba, for taking it on, and for bringing together all of the right people and resources!! Please keep up your important work!
  • Thanks for organizing the very practical and fun course! I will definitely be trying my best to attend this course again.
  • I was really impressed with all of them. They are all obviously well deserving of their distinctions as “experts” in our field, but were all exceptional instructors. I found them really approachable, patient, and interested in teaching.  A great faculty!
  • Good mix of didactic sessions with hands on practice. Lots of time for lab dissection and intracorporeal knot tying. Awesome faculty/learner ratio.
  • Most of the speakers gave very practical tips. And the stories and experience are very valuable, cannot find it in a textbook.
  • World class faculty, in depth lectures & discussions, hands on experience in small groups.
  • I feel better equipped to tackle a difficult laparoscopic hysterectomy, with a reminder and tips and tricks on how to attack a difficult bladder flap and an excellent refresher on pelvic sidewall/para-rectal space anatomy.
  • There were some truly exceptional faculty this year. World experts from Canada, and abroad. Both the didactic lecture and wet-lab component were well taught.
  • Yes, absolutely. I think the main thing is being able to have time to be comfortable in the retroperitoneum. And going even deeper into spaces that we don’t usually have to go, but this adds to the comfort level and confidence.