What is Workday?

Workday is a cloud-based platform that UBC will be using to replace the current Peoplesoft system (FMS and HRMS and at a later date student systems).

How it will benefit us?

The new system will bring us into the current century with a system that can be used via an online portal using a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone.  There will be no more paper forms required.  Many of you won’t have much to do with the system beyond changing your personal details, requesting vacation and downloading a T4 once a year.   Those of you who will be responsible for paying invoices or processing reimbursements will benefit from this online system.

Helpful Links

This page will help you get you prepared for Workday and help you to use the new system when it goes live by bringing together the various resources out there.


Here is a list of courses you should find useful depending on your role. Many of these courses are now also being delivered by webinar.

You can sign up for training at this site:

Log in to Canvas for all your Workday training you have enrolled in here. You will also find a link in the email confirmation you would have received.  You will need a CWL.

When we go live UBC will offer ongoing training during November.  These sessions will be to help you navigate the basics of Workday and you can bring specific questions to the sessions.  You will find the schedule and topics here.

Support Go-Live

UBC has provided a variety of ways for you to get help over the coming months.  The Integrated Service Centre (ISC) is similar to the UBC IT Helpdesk but for all Workday items.  You can call them on 604 822 8200 or complete an online form for any issues you have.  There are also Learning Rovers who will be able to help one on one.

Click here for the Workday Self Service portal.  You will need a CWL to access this.  It includes how to submit a ticket and searchable links for help.

In the first instance contact your Departmental Transition Lead, Andi Martin. If she is unable to help she will be able to tell you how best to escalate your issue to ensure you get a response quickly.

Key Dates

Please review the cut off dates for various transactions here.

User Guides

You can find searchable user guides – referred to as Job Aids in Workday.

You will also find some useful information in the Toolkits.

Useful Links to Bookmark

With the new system comes new terminology.  You can click here for a  Glossary of Terms.

Workday will also use new codes, so you will no longer be using speedcharts and PGs but Worktags.  This document is a handy guide to help with the new finance language.

There is also a conversion tool that helps you to convert FMS codes to Workday codes and vice versa and will be very handy when we go live.  Probably the best thing for you to bookmark – ever!  

The Workday team has created a searchable Q&A that is constantly under development as more people are having hands on training and have questions about the system.

This page will be updated when new/updated info is available so please visit it frequently.

If you have any questions about the new system or if you are unsure which training sessions to enrol in please email Andi Martin, OBGYN Administrative Director.