Mark Carey


Mark Carey

M.D., F.R.C.S.C.

Clinical Professor

Division of Gynaecologic Oncology

Portrait photo of Mark Carey

Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH)

Vancouver General Hospital

: 6048754268




Research Interests/Skills



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2017-2018                    Developing a nation-wide research network for the study of rare cancers: The example of Low-grade serous ovarian cancer. CIHR Planning and Dissemination Grant – The Institute of Community Support. Funding $10,000, PI: Dr. MS Carey


2016-2017                     In-vitro testing of Cantrixil in Ovarian Cancer Cell Lines. Industry sponsored research (Novogen). Funding $70,000.  PI: Dr. MS Carey


2016 – 2018                   Exploring the proteo-genomic profiles of low-grade serous cancers to investigate MEK inhibitor response.  Carraresi Foundation OvCaRe Research Grant, VGH and UBC Hospital Foundations.  Internal Grant Competition.  Funding $20,000.  PI: Dr. MS Carey


2014 – 2017                  Low-grade serous ovarian cancer project grant.  BC Cancer Foundation. $100,000. PI: Dr MS Carey


2013 – 2017                  Contextual Genomics: The foundation for subtype-specific approaches to ovarian cancer control.  Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute.   Funding $1,250,000.  Co-investigator, PI: Dr. David Huntsman


2005 – 2008                  Development of Health Informatics Unit for the Women’s, Children’s and Oncology Programs at the University of Western Ontario, Academic Medical Organizations of Southwestern Ontario, $225,000, PI: Dr. MS Carey

2003 – 2005                  PET/CT for endometrial cancer, Academic Enrichment Fund, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of Western Ontario, $7,500, Co-investigator, PI: Dr. JS Kwon

2002 – 2003                  Sentinel node mapping in endometrial cancer:  A pilot study, Internal Research Fund, Lawson Health Research Institute, $7,500, Co-investigator, PI: Dr. J Kwon