Dr. Paul Yong (MD, PhD, FRCSC) is the Research Director and a Gynaecologist at the BC Women’s Centre for Pelvic Pain & Endometriosis. Dr. Yong completed a MD/PhD degree in Experimental Medicine and a Residency in Obstetrics & Gynaecology, followed by a Clinical Fellowship in Endometriosis, Pelvic Pain, & Advanced Laparoscopy in 2012, at the University of British Columbia.


Dr. Yong teaches undergraduate and graduate courses at UBC. He provides research supervision for undergraduate students, graduate students, residents, clinical fellows and post-doctoral fellows.  

He is the Director of the UBC Obstetrics and Gynaecology Residency Rotation in Minimally Invasive Surgery.


Research Interests/Skills

Dr. Yong’s research interests are in endometriosis and pelvic pain, and his translational research interests include bio-banking of endometriosis, gene sequencing in endometriosis, and investigating nerve formation in the pelvis as a cause of pain.


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Canadian Institute for Health Research (CIHR) Project Grant
Multimodal imaging of the fallopian tubes (2017-2020)
PI: Lane, P
CO-I’s: Lee, A; MacAulay, C; McAlpine, J, Miller, D                                                                                                                                   Collaborator: Yong, PJ

Canadian Institute for Health Research (CIHR) Operating Grant
Etiology of dyspareunia in endometriosis (2015-2018)
PI: Yong, PJ
CO-I’s: Bedaiwy, M; Huntsman, D; Lisonkova, S; Brotto, L; Smith, K

Canadian Institute for Health Research (CIHR) Operating Grant
Etiology of dyspareunia in endometriosis (2014-2015)
PI: Yong, PJ
CO-I’s: Bedaiwy, M; Huntsman, D; Lisonkova, S

Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute Impact Grant
Contextual genomics: towards sub-type specific approaches to ovarian cancer control (2013-2018)
PI’s: Huntsman, D & Shah, S
Co-I’s: Yong PJ; Gilks, B; Carey, M; Bally, M; McAlpine, J; Miller, D; Tinker, A; Morin, R; Hoskins, P; Cullis, P

UBC Faculty of Medicine Start-up Funds
Etiology of dyspareunia in endometriosis (2015)
PI: Yong, PJ

Canadian Foundation for Women’s Health General Research Grant
Genomic determinants of local invasion and malignant transformation in endometriosis (2013 – 2015)
PI: Yong, PJ
Co-I’s: Huntsman, D; Gilks, B; Shah, S; Williams, C

Canadian Institute for Health Research (CIHR) Dissemination Events – PA: Gender, Sex and Health Research
Innovations in gynaecologic specialties: Translating science into improved health for Canadian women (2013 – 2014)
Pi: Brotto, L
Co-I’s: Yong, PJ; Allaire, C; Cundiff, G; Geoffrion, R; Lazare, D; Money, M; Smith, K; Wilkie, D; Williams, C

UBC and Women’s Health Research Institute Nelly Auersperg Grant
Genomic determinants of malignant transformation in endometriosis (2013-2014)
PI: Yong, PJ

UBC Faculty of Medicine Start-Up Grant
Neurogenesis in Endometriosis (2013- 2014)
PI: Yong, PJ

Canadian Institute for Health Research (CIHR) Maternal Health Catalyst Grant
Clinical prediction models for critically ill pregnant women: MEOWS and CIPHER (2011-2012)
PI: von Dadelszen, P
Co-I’s; Yong, PJ; Ansermino, J; Cundiff, G; Douglas, M; Lapinsky, S; Lee, S; Magee, L; Reynolds, S; Russell, J; Seaward, G; Walley, K

Association of Professors of Obstetrics & Gynaecology (APOG) President’s Grant for Resident Research
Prediction of outcome in critically ill pregnant women (2010-2010)
PI: Yong, PJ
Co-I’s: von Dadelszen, P; Lapinsky, S

2017 World Congress of Endometriosis.  Best scientific presentation, 1st runner-up.

Top 5 abstract, Canadian Society for Advancement in Gynaecologic Excellence (CanSAGE), Sept 2017. (To be presented by T. Aksoy, clinical fellow. P. Yong senior author)

Co-applicant on successful application (led by D. Huntsman) for OVCARE to be designed a VCHRI Research Centre (2017).

Top 3 abstracts chosen for oral plenary presentation at the 2016 Annual Meeting of the International Pelvic Pain Society, Chicago, IL. (Presented by A. McPeak, MPH student. P. Yong, senior author).

BC Ovarian Cancer Research (OvCaRe) team nominated for the CIHR Gold Leaf Prize (Co-applicant as OvCaRe team member)

Best oral presentation (gynecology), Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada Annual Meeting, Niagrara Falls, ON, June 2014.

Best abstract in pelvic pain. 2014 Global Congress of the American Association of Gynecologic Laparoscopists (AAGL), Vancouver, BC. (Presented by M. Nourmoussavi, resident. P. Yong senior author)

Mentored Clinician-Scientist Award, Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute (VCHRI) July 2015 – June 2018