Research and COVID-19 – useful links


Last updated November 19, 2020

NEW:  As COVID-19 cases continue to climb in our province, steps are being taken to increase safety measures and decrease community spread of infection.  On Nov. 7, 2020, the BC Provincial Health Office (PHO) released a number of temporary, regional public health orders that took effect later that day and will remain in place until Nov. 23, 2020 at 3 p.m. The PHO also introduced a new provincial masking policy for health care facilities. Briefly, this policy will be a change for clinical researchers as it requires all persons to wear a mask while working in a clinical/patient care area including common areas and break rooms, unless eating or drinking. We anticipate there will be little change for those working in labs, offices and other non-clinical spaces; the new policy aligns with existing COVID safety policies currently in place at each research facility within the department.

NOTE:  As the pandemic situation evolves, provincial public health guidance will be modified accordingly.  For latest updates on COVID-19 and related public health orders and policies, please visit for more information.


Please note the remote work policy remains in effect.  Site specific resumption processes have been finalized; review site-specific information here:

Stage 2 Research Resumption guidelines announced by UBC FoM.  Review the COVID-19 UBC FoM Guiding Principles for research resumption.

Mandatory Training for UBC Faculty and Staff Back on Campus.  All UBC employees are required to complete mandatory training prior to resuming UBC activities, or as soon as possible if they have been working on campus since the remote working arrangements were put in place.  If you have not already done so, please complete this training as soon as possible.  Read more, or complete the training now.



The process for applying for clinical research resumption has been finalized.  Please review information specific to your research site:



For additional details please see COVID-19 research updates at VCHRI and PHCRI



Please note that any clinical (human) research project involving on-site work that needs to resume or continue will require approval from the appropriate research institute.  Research that meets resumption criteria must be submitted to the appropriate research institute (VCHRI or PHCRI) for review and approval PRIOR to resumption of any on-site research activities, such as access of on-site resources/paperwork/databases and study visits for research participants.

For VCHRI researchers with human subject research projects and activities at DHCC, please complete the DHCC OBGYN Template – VCHRI Human Subject Research Access Summary spreadsheet and submit to Mannie at  DHCC site research personnel (including PI, staff, and trainees) of projects approved by VCHRI for Stage 1 resumption should review the OBGYN DHCC Research Resumption Safety Plan, obtain PPE and complete training as applicable prior to resumption of on-site research activities.

For PHCRI researchers with human subject research projects and activities at the Howe St. Campus, please complete the PHCRI Human Subject Research Access Summary spreadsheet.

For PHSA/BCCHR researchers with human subject research projects and activities at the Oak St. Campus, please refer to research resumption information available at (requires log in with BCCHR/PHSA/UBC credentials).

Please contact your site research manager (Mannie Fan for VGH/DHCC, Nikki Koenig for SPH, or Ariadna Fernandez for BCWH) if you have any questions or concerns.


Conducting research – guidance with respect to research activities during this time can be found below:

Grant applications and submissions – the Dean of Medicine Office has advised the following:

To support remote work, physical and secure PDF signatures are not required during this period, provided that the completed RPIF and all email approvals from the faculty member, Department Head, Centre Director and ADR (as applicable) are sent as attachments in one email to the Office of Research Services or the University-Industry Liaison Office as applicable.

For all research grant applications (including Research Project Information Forms) normally sent to the Faculty of Medicine Dean’s Office for the Dean’s signature, we are encouraging all Departments, Schools, Centres and Institutes to send electronic submissions at this time as there may be delays in processing hard-copy submissions. More information regarding the submission of research applications can be found on MedNet.

Funding agencies are also making adjustments to address disruptions to research.

Please contact the Department Research Program if you need additional guidance or research support at this time.