Our division has 136 members and extends to our distributed sites around the province. Most continue to provide full obstetrics and gynaecology care, in addition to their tireless commitment to teaching. Our executive committee meets monthly with the exception of the summer months. Our meetings are video-conferenced to facilitate the participation of our distributed sites.

Executive Committee

Our executive committee meets quarterly with the exception of the months of July and August.

  • Dr. Fariba Mohtashami (Division Head)
  • Dr. Erin Adams (IHA)
  • Dr. Oluremi Adelasoye (VIHA)
  • Dr. Cigdem Guzzo-Arkuran (Rmd)
  • Dr. Sheona Mitchell-Foster (NHA)
  • Dr. Claudine Storness-Bliss (FHA-SMH)
  • Dr. Julie van Schalkwyk (Site Head BCWH)
  • Dr. Mina Wesa (FHA-RCH)
  • Dr. Susan Sadeghi (LGH)